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This Is Europe: The State of Security in the Eyes of European Consumers

On a continent where consumer purchasing habits are rapidly evolving, it’s important to understand what motivates or concerns consumers. To get an accurate temperature check on data security sentiments and behaviour changes from a European perspective, PCI Pal conducted market research in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Complementing the 2,000 UK consumers surveyed in 2019, this 2020 report draws on a total of 4,000 responses. From them, we glean insights into the sentiment around the onslaught of data security breaches and hacks.

By grabbing your copy of This is Europe: The State of Security in the Eyes of Consumers, you’ll have the opportunity to read through our findings. These suggest that a combination of recent high-profile breaches, headlines devoted to new and upcoming consumer data privacy regulations around the world, and personal experience have put security concerns at the forefront for European consumers.

Further, we cover:

  • A brief history of European consumer privacy
  • Why consumers are rightfully concerned about increasing threats to data security
  • How European consumer perception is impacting behaviors
  • A post pandemic world
  • PCI compliance and how PCI Pal helps businesses
  • Security and compliance technology
  • A case study on delivering PCI compliance to one of our customers, Vax
  • Your annual PCI checklist
  • A PCI glossary

Download our eBook by submitting your information below. Or, contact us to discuss how we can help your organization reassure your customer their data is safe when doing business with you.

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