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PCI Pal Augments Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Solution

PCI Pal (LON: PCIP), the global provider of secure payment solutions announced today the release of the next generation of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) enhancements to their acclaimed suite of PCI compliant payment solutions, including PCI Pal Agent Assist and IVR Payments.

This innovation represents a significant leap forward for businesses that must adhere to PCI compliance but are grappling with concerns related to accessibility and scalability. With PCI Pal’s latest update, organizations can now provide speech recognition payments in over 140 languages with impressive speech accuracy at 91.25%* vs 63.25% (when compared to other speech recognition services). This is made possible by the technology’s ability to grasp nuances in accents and dialects.

“The enhancement of our ASR capabilities signals our commitment to break down language barriers in the global market when it comes to telephone-based payments,” said Alessandro Dalla Volta, VP of Product, PCI Pal. “We are constantly innovating to ensure the highest standards of accessibility, scalability, and compliance for our customers and partners.”

The benefits of this latest update are many. With the inclusion of these sophisticated ASR enhancements, businesses can look forward to an increase in not only payment conversions, but to the overall customer and agent experience.

Going beyond driving higher business returns, PCI Pal’s latest features promise to elevate the user experience, delivering increased convenience during the payment process.

“By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in recognizing a vast range of languages, accents, and dialects, we’ve been able to significantly enhance the accuracy and convenience of making payments,” said Mufti Monim, Chief Technology Officer, PCI Pal. “We believe that this cutting-edge upgrade will make a substantial difference to our partners, customers and their end users.”

*Based on internal comparative studies with another industry-leading speech recognition service. Accuracy tested on English (GB & US), French (Canadian), and Spanish (US) for PCI Pal Solutions.

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