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PCI Compliant Payments for Chill Insurance

The Company

Chill Insurance was founded in the Republic of Ireland in 2008 with a mission to make it easier for customers to purchase insurance. Their focus is on ensuring a smooth customer experience. Crucially they recognize the importance of maintaining customer trust as part of this strategy; data security is essential. This extends to ensuring PCI compliant payments are taken across the business, including within their contact center. Their ethos, along with their openness to adopting technologies that makes interaction easier, has resulted in Chill Insurance becoming one of the most recognized brands in Ireland.


The Compliance Challenge

Prior to the pandemic, Chill had used compensating controls within their contact center to meet PCI DSS requirements. With agents working remotely, however, payments were no longer PCI compliant. They made the decision to implement a more robust payment security process to ensure that PCI DSS compliance was maintained regardless of agent location.


The Solution

After reviewing solutions from several providers and speaking to Genesys’ reseller Wren Data, Chill Insurance selected PCI Pal Agent Assist, buoyed by its ease of use, integration with Genesys PureConnect. In contrast to the previous method used, PCI Pal Agent Assist allows conversations between callers and contact center agents to continue uninterrupted so that if customers have any difficulty while inputting their card details, the advisor can talk them through the process and provide assistance where required. The solution is cloud-based, enabling secure remote access whether agents are working from home, or in the contact center.


Download their success story to discover more on how PCI Pal Agent Assist allowed Chill Insurance to meet their PCI DSS requirements regardless of agent location.

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