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Retail – Secure Payments for Leading European Furniture Manufacturer

The Company

This leading European furniture manufacturer operates upward of 400 stores across the UK, Ireland, Europe and India. As well as physical stores, the organization has three contact centers in the UK that handle multiple customer interactions, including payments. In 2021 the company completed a multi-year transformation program, which included updating its digital capabilities and introducing a multi-channel offering for customer engagement and payment transactions.


The Compliance Challenge

As part of their transformation program, this organization wanted to ensure that its cardholder not present (CNP) payment card handling processes were secure and compliant with the latest PCI DSS requirements, regardless of the customer engagement channel selected by the customer. Along with adding to its payment channels, like many other retailers they needed solutions to secure their telephone payment process when the pandemic hit and their contact center operations moved to remote working.


The Solution

Already using an earlier version of PCI Pal Agent Assist which integrated with its in-house platform, to enable customer service staff at its contact center to securely
handle card payments over the phone remotely,  the retailer helped to design log-in functionality to PCI Pal’s cloud platform running on Amazon Web Services by working closely with the PCI Pal team at every stage. PCI Pal operates a number of virtual private clouds (VPCs) for telephony connections, agent web interfaces, and administration
regions. The solution spans multiple data centers within an Amazon Web Services region so that even if one data centre fails, PCI Pal’s service continues unaffected.

Download their success story to discover more on how the flexibility of our cloud-based solutions allowed this organization to meet all its PCI DSS requirements, without negatively impacting the customer journey. Learn how they are maintaining trust with their existing customer base whether working remotely or in their existing contact centers through offering a smooth multichannel experience.

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