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Ensuring flexible, secure payment experiences for utility companies

We enable utility companies to provide seamless, secure and PCI DSS compliant payment experience across all communication channels.

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Transforming & securing
the payment experience

As a utility company, your call center needs to be able to take payment from customers, whether it’s for ongoing services, technical services, consumables or as part of a debt recovery process. Ensuring that this process is both seamless and secure is essential. You need to equip your contact center with a solution that enables them to take secure payment across all interaction types. You need to make this intuitive for agents and a frictionless process for the customer. You require a solution that will deliver across a number of key factors:

Improves customer experience

By ensuring that payment is a seamless part of the customer journey and your agents are able to effortlessly guide them through the process. 


Providing a consistent and secure payment capability across phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service channels. 

Streamlines the
payment process

Enable a payment to be taken as part of a single agent resolution, avoiding the need for lengthy engagements or call backs. 

Provide payment

Allow your customers to utilize their preferred payment method whether that be a payment card, eWallet or pay by bank. 

Improves agent experience

By taking the complexity out of collecting payments, agents can focus on the customer conversation and deliver better outcomes. 

Trusted &

Ensuring that every transaction is secure and the end-to-end payment process is fully PCI DSS compliant. 

Enhancing the customer’s payment experience

For most utilities you operate in a highly competitive environment where your customer service is a key differentiator. As such, taking customer payments is no longer simply a transaction, it is a key part of the customer experience and needs to be effortless and frictionless.

We help you enhance the payment experience by simplifying the process, equipping every agent to take a secure payment, and enabling them to guide the customer step by step through the process. With sensitive information bypassing the agent, the transaction is secure, but with the agent following each step we ensure that more transactions are completed and customers receive a far better experience.

Enabling payments over digital channels

In order to drive operational efficiency in your contact center you are looking to pass more interactions through digital and self-service channels. The ability for customer payments to be taken over these channels is key for this strategy to deliver.

PCI Pal enables you to offer full omnichannel secure payments. Our solution enables payments to be taken from customers using digital channels such as chat, SMS or email by the agent sending them a digital link and assisting them in completing the transaction. Alternatively, we enable you to simplify self-service payments through an IVR solution that either leverages DTMF tones or advanced, multi-lingual and multi-regional speech recognition.

Ensuring every payment is secure and compliant

Consumers expect their utility provider to protect their personal information and in particular sensitive payment information. It is vital that you have in place a secure and compliant payment solution that protects your customers and reduces risk.

By using PCI Pal you remove the need for any sensitive payment information to be captured or held within your systems. This reduces your risk, our solution is secure by design and is fully PCI DSS compliant.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

We’re fully PCI compliant, having utilized PCI Pal’s technology. I am confident that all payments are securely handled without any data entering our network. We know transactions are taking place safely, calls are shorter and more efficient, and as a business, we haven’t lost the personal touch with our customers.

John Woodward, Head of Service Support, Ecotricity

The unique value we offer utility companies

Differentiated customer experience

Our secure cloud payment solutions are certified to the highest level of security by leading card companies. 

Increase successful payments 

Our compliance solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems for optimised performance. 

Accelerate channel shift

Designed to capture information securely during live calls, our solutions reduce pressure without compromising on customer service. 

Reduce operating costs 

By increasing first agent resolutions and reducing average handle time of each transaction.

Increasing agent retention

By providing them with the tools they need to be effective and ensuring they are able to achieve more positive outcomes on each customer interaction. 

Reduced risk

By ensuring that every transaction is secure and that your end-to-end payment process is PCI DSS compliant. 

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