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Worldpay from FIS Presents: Digitizing B2B Payments

In March 2022, PCI Pal hosted its annual virtual event, Payments: The Future of Security & CX. With the goal of bringing industry thought leaders together to provide valuable content to organizations, we identified some of our key industry partners to lead sessions on many of today’s hot topics around contact center, payments, and customer experience. One of these partners is Worldpay from FIS, and in this recorded session, Jennifer Rossi of Worldpay leads the conversation on Digitizing B2B Payments. Highlights include:

  • Changes in the digital payment landscape through new channels
  • Covid-19’s impact on B2B payments
  • Unification of payment processes, and simplifying the experience
  • The ever-changing payment compliance regulations
  • How to simplify, secure, optimize, and scale

See how PCI Pal’s Agent Assist and Digital solutions can descoping your contact center from PCI DSS. Would you rather see the solutions in action? You can contact us to book a demo and begin the conversation!

Watch breakout session