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PCI Pal is Enhancing Contact Center Payments Through the Power of Conversational AI

PCI Pal partners with leading conversational AI providers to take secure payments to the next level.

PCI Pal (LON: PCIP), the global SaaS provider of secure payment solutions for business communications, is leveraging conversational AI technology to allow organizations to integrate secure payment options to Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

Through Intelligent Virtual Assistants/Agents, Chatbots, and Voicebots, customers can effortlessly make payments within AI-powered conversations, reducing friction and increasing satisfaction. With a single PCI Pal API across all interaction channels, the integration allows the AI provider to invoke PCI Pal when the customer needs to pay, ensuring a seamless and secure experience across all digital and voice channels.

The integration leverages PCI Pal’s advanced security features and Conversational AI’s natural language processing capabilities to ensure each transaction is secure and compliant with industry standards. This powerful combination enables businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience, reduces fraud risks and instills confidence in both businesses and their customers.

“With this integration of Conversational AI, PCI Pal is revolutionizing the way merchants accept payments, making it simpler, faster and more secure,” said VP of Product Alessandro Dalla Volta. “AI is a powerful tool we are excited to leverage to enhance the capabilities of our solutions and improve the user experience.”

To make this possible, PCI Pal is partnering with cutting-edge Conversational AI technology providers, Converse360 and PolyAI.

By entrusting PCI Pal with the handling of sensitive payment data, businesses and their customers can rest assured that they remain PCI DSS compliant, guaranteeing security for merchants and customers.

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