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Simplifying customer payments for logistics & shipping companies

We enable customer-facing teams within shipping and logistics organizations to streamline and secure the payment process for consumers and business customers.

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Making every payment
effortless & secure

As more of the services you provide require an immediate payment, you need a way for your customer-facing teams to complete a transaction during their interaction with the customer.

Whether you deal with consumers or businesses, the payment process needs to be secure, compliant and effortless. It needs to empower your teams and remove the barriers that restrict you from scaling and being more agile. Key requirements include:

Everyone can take payments

By equipping all of your customer-facing teams with the ability to take secure payments from your customers. 

Ensuring more
successful payments

By allowing your teams to step the customer through the payment process to ensure more payments are completed. 

Support all

Ensure you can offer secure payments over every channel including phone, chat, SMS, email and self-service IVR.

Make it easy
for your team

By providing them with an intuitive solution that simplifies and streamlines the payment process. 

Make it easy
for customers

By enabling them to provide payment details on the initial interaction or to leverage a digital link to expedite payment. 

Secure &

By ensuring that all payment information is managed in a fully PCI DSS compliant manner. 

Empower your customer-facing teams to take payments

You are looking for your customer-facing teams to be able to take payments, but you don’t want to add complexity to their role or create additional risk or pressure.

With PCI Pal, you are able to equip all of your customer-facing teams from customer services through to finance with an intuitive to use secure payment solution. This allows them to take payments instantly over the phone, or to utilize secure links they can send to the customer via chat, SMS or email to execute payment.

Reduce risk & ensure compliance

As a business that takes payments from customers you face the risk of a security breach and sensitive customer information being stolen. Your customers expect you to have appropriate security measures in place and for you to follow best practice.

With PCI Pal no sensitive payment information is captured or held within your systems, nor seen by your staff. This ensures the payment process is secure and descopes your compliance obligations as you are utilizing a solution that is already fully PCI DSS compliant and is regularly audited and validated.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

PCI Pal’s Agent Assist has turned our cardholder-not-present payments around; transaction times have reduced, our agents are happy as they see all calls through from start to completion and PCI compliance is assured. What makes this a complete success however is that the payment failure rate has dropped from around 25% to less than 5%, which has completely exceeded our expectations.

Andy Kinney, Systems Manager, VAX

The unique value we offer shipping & logistics companies

Faster payments

By enabling your customerfacing teams to take instant payments and supporting first agent resolution. 

Increase revenue

By making you more responsive to do business with and ensuring more payments are successfully completed. 

Improve customer loyalty

By improving the customer experience, being effortless to do business with and driving repeat business. 

Reduce costs

By streamlining your payment process and removing duplication of effort to secure orders and payments. 

Reducing risk

By ensuring that every transaction is secure and customer payment information is protected. 

Reducing compliance costs

By reducing the scope of your contact center in delivering PCI DSS compliance.

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