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PCI Pal® Launches New Capability to Rapidly Deliver Secure Payment Services to Businesses With Home and Remote Workers Within 48 Hours

PCI Pal®, the global provider of secure payment solutions, today announces it has launched a rapid deployment version of its payment services. PCI Pal Rapid Remote delivers PCI compliant payment services at pace, and enables organizations to quickly continue handling customer payments in a secure and compliant way even when working remotely or from home with minimal notice.

With many contact center agents and other back-office staff who take payments now working from home during these unprecedented times, Rapid Remote gives organizations the ability to securely handle payments, while also complying with PCI DSS rules.

With all PCI Pal services delivered from its globally available cloud environment, Rapid Remote enables ultra-fast deployment within 48 hours, and provides a solution for businesses with home-based workers who do not have access to secure payment solutions either through their existing remote telephony connectivity (including traditional PBX, and VoIP platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business), or where using mobile phones or landline telephones.

Rapid Remote enables payments to be handled securely with no cardholder data exposed to the home working agent, nor does it enter the company’s network, meaning the scope of PCI DSS is vastly reduced.

James Barham, CEO of PCI Pal: “Even in this time of uncertainty, cybercriminals continue to perpetrate crimes in new and opportunistic ways. With our Rapid Remote deployment solution, organizations can move quickly and be assured their customers’ sensitive payment information will remain secure, even as agents adjust to remote working.”

“As a cloud-based, global, secure payments provider, organizations have been looking to us to answer their compliance questions in these unprecedented times, fast! We have therefore created Rapid Remote to empower customers to gain access to our cutting edge, secure payment services at a pace of delivery previously unseen in our market. So not only are payments handled by remote working staff securely but also within the requirements of PCI DSS. This latter point becomes all the more relevant with any potential longevity on the tail of national lockdowns and social distancing controls that might impact businesses.

Rapid Remote very much complements what we are already doing with many of our Integrated Partners, a number of whom include global leaders in cloud telephony who are working closely with organizations worldwide to enable their contact center operations to facilitate the changing working environments we are seeing today.”

Download the press release in full.