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Simplifying & automating payments through IVR self-service

Enabling you to automate taking customer payments, securely and effortlessly through IVR self-service.

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Secure & frictionless IVR payments

Your customers want to serve themselves and have the convenience of an easy way to make a payment 24×7. You need an IVR solution that enables them to do this and provides a seamless experience that is secure and fully PCI DSS compliant, providing key capabilities.

Easy for customers

A simplified process that is easy for your customers to follow and is an effortless and frictionless experience. 

Accessible for everyone

With the ability to either utilize a keypad to generate DTMF tones or for customers to speak their payment details. 

Fully integrated

Ensuring that payments can be easily linked to customers and full transaction history recorded. 

Available 24×7

Provide your customers with the ability to make a payment through self-service 24×7. 

Secure by design

Instilling trust from your customers that their transaction is secure and their payment information is protected. 

Simplifying compliance

By ensuring that payment are managed within a fully PCI DSS compliant solution. 

IVR-based key to pay self-service

When customers need to pay you, they want to do so at a time that is convenient for them and often they are looking for an intuitive self-service option that is available 24×7. 

Our secure payment solution offers an IVR-based self-service capability. The customer is able to select this self-service option 24×7 and are guided through a simple set of voice prompts that enables them to enter their payment details. By utilizing their telephone keypad, DTMF tones are used to capture payment details which are securely collected within our fully PCI DSS compliant solution. 

IVR-based speak to pay self-service

Some customers are unable to utilize a telephone keypad to enter their details and some just prefer to speak rather than key. The best customer experience is where both options are available.

We leverage next generation speech recognition technology that utilizes AI-power natural language recognition. This enables your customers to simply speak their payment details into your self-service solution and for this to be accurately turned into the data to complete the transaction. With support for over 140 different languages and regional accents, this enables you to support all customers.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

Something I really like about the PCI Pal technology is its flexibility: it’s fully configurable if there’s a unique requirement, the team is happy to assess what is needed and undertake custom coding to suit. I was very impressed at this level of flexibility for a SaaS company, and I believe it meant a lot to the overall success of this project.

Jeff Stoddard, VP of Information Technology, NFP Health

The PCI Pal IVR self-service advantage

Simplifying payments

By providing your customers with an intuitive self-service option, convenient to use, available 24×7 and delivering frictionless experiences. 

Operational efficiency

By enabling more of your customers to serve themselves through to payment, relieving pressure on your contact center and customer-facing teams. 

Improve accessibility

With a solution that supports both DTMF tone and speech while also supporting 140 different languages and accuracy across regional accents. 

Instill trust

By providing a fully automated payment solution to your customers that instills confidence and trust that all payment information is secure. 

Simplifies compliance

By ensuring no payment information is collected or held by your systems but only contained within a fully PCI DSS compliant solution. 

Reduce transaction cost

By not only making each payment more efficient but enabling you to leverage payment options that have a lower transactional cost. 

Transform your self-service payment experience today

Simply reach out to our team to find out more about the different options we can support to deliver automated, self-service, secure payments.

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