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Crafting Trust: Arts & Crafts Superstore Protects Customer Payments

Discover how this large arts and crafts retail superstore chain with over 100 stores across the United Kingdom transformed its contact center payment process, enhanced customer experience, and protects customer payments with PCI Pal Agent Assist. Read the full case study to learn how we provided them with a secure and compliant solution.

The Compliance Challenge

With a strong reputation for creativity and an extensive range of art and craft supplies, knitting and stitching materials, papercraft, wedding, party, and baking essentials, our client faced the challenge of managing a high volume of telephone-based payment transactions. With around 45 representatives handling payments, it was crucial to ensure these transactions were managed efficiently, securely, and in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The Solution

To address the compliance challenge, our client’s IT Director initiated a strategic project to re-platform the business onto Salesforce, centralizing their customer service process. As part of this initiative, they collaborated with a team of development and QA partners, along with technology providers, to bring the project to life.

After careful consideration, they chose PCI Pal Agent Assist, a cutting-edge solution that removes the burden of PCI DSS compliance from their agents and protects customer payments. This sophisticated technology intercepts keypad tones during payment, utilizing DTMF masking technology. As a result, the agent doesn’t hear or see the sensitive payment card data but instead sees asterisks on the screen. The data is then securely processed via the merchant’s web-payment system, ensuring no cardholder data enters their environment.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Risk: PCI Pal Agent Assist eliminated the need for customers to read out sensitive payment information and prevented staff from writing down or rekeying such details, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By securely handling telephone ordering, our client continues to support their customers’ preferred shopping method, boosting overall customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Transition: With comprehensive training and a user-friendly interface, Agent Assist made the transition to Salesforce smooth and seamless for their agents.
  • Simplified Audit Process: PCI Pal Agent Assist streamlines the audit process, providing our client with a simpler and more efficient way to manage their risk profile.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The solution operates in the background with minimal maintenance or heavy administration, ensuring ongoing safety and security for customer payment data.

The Results

As a responsible retailer, our client understands the significance of being available across all channels, enabling customers to interact through their preferred method. With PCI Pal’s secure solution, they can continue providing exceptional customer service without compromising payment security.

Read the Full Success Story

Ready to dive into the details? Download the full case study to learn how PCI Pal revolutionized this large arts and crafts retail superstore’s contact center payment process while enhancing their customer experience. Discover how our cutting-edge technology ensures secure and compliant transactions, safeguarding both the business and its valued customers.

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