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Secure payments, professional services & integration 

Advising you and delivering a secure payment solution that is fully aligned to the needs of your business, contact center and customers.

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Aligning our secure payment solution
to your specific needs

You are looking for a secure payment solution that will seamlessly fit into your existing environment and quickly return value in terms of improving security, compliance and the customer payment experience. This requires combining the right solution with service capabilities that can deliver on your key requirements.

Provide best

On the solution you need, how to ensure compliance, and how to deliver the best possible customer and agent experience. 

Leverage your
payment gateway

Ensuring that your secure payment solution is able to integrate with and support your preferred payment gateway. 

Connect with your desktop environment

Provide a seamless experience for agents with connectivity into your agent desktop environment. 

Integrates with your call center platform

Whether this be premise-based or a CCaaS solution, to enable secure payments over the phone. 

Provide a branded environment

Ensuring that the digital and self-service experience your customer receives is aligned to your visual and service brand. 

Focus on

Being supported by a team that is focused on your success in adopting and maximizing your secure payment solution. 

Guiding you on your secure payment journey

We like to think of ourselves as a partner for our clients and not simply a software provider. We want you to transform how you take customer payments in your contact center and across your customer-facing teams, and this is why we apply our extensive experience to advise and guide you.

We help you understand what is possible, advise you on best practices and guide you on your journey to transform payments across your organization. Our success team will continually work with you to help you leverage different interaction channels and incorporate different payment methods aligning your solution to the needs of your business, customers and agents.

Creating a seamless environment

A secure payment solution is just one part of the eco-system that supports your contact center and as such, it is important that our solution seamlessly integrates into your environment.

As a leading provider of secure payment solutions, we have created one of the broadest sets of eco-system partners where we closely collaborate to standardize integration. For our clients, this means that we are likely to have ‘ready-made’ connectors into their contact center infrastructure, payment gateways and CRM.

Where clients have a unique requirement or need for our standard connectors to be tailored, then our professional services team can support you to ensure that our solution fully meets these specific requirements.

Accelerating time
to value

Our aim is to ensure you have the shortest time to value possible with your deployment of a PCI Pal secure payment solution.

As a SaaS-based application we are able to instantly provision your solution, and with a comprehensive range of ready-made connectors we can fast-track seamlessly integrating into your environment.

Our success team works with you to ensure that your solution is aligned to your processes, branded for your customers and your agents quickly familiarize and adopt the solution. All of which accelerates time to value.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

When implementing any new system, you worry that it’s going to create a big change for users or the integration won’t be as seamless as you anticipate, however with PCI Pal everything was so organised: the implementation was fast and communication was good. The team were responsive, from testing to go-live, and now it’s live we are assured that the council is using the best payment compliance tool for our telephone payments; it’s very reassuring.

Andrew Hazlett, Systems & Process Officer Darlington Borough Council

The value of our service differentiation

Frictionless for

By ensuring that our solution is fully integrated into your environment and a seamless part of the customer journey and experience.

Seamless for

By fitting into their environment and providing them with an intuitive-to-use application that benefits them and enhances their experience.

for IT

By providing a true SaaS-based solution that requires the minimum effort of your IT team to deploy and support.

Faster time
to value

Through rapid provisioning and a comprehensive range of connectors, ensuring that you quickly start delivering value to your contact center, customers and agents.


With a platform that can scale in terms of both capacity and capability to meet your needs today, tomorrow and what may be required in the future.

Benefiting from experience

Through PCI Pal’s extensive expertise and experience in secure payment solutions guiding you on what is possible and what is best practice.

Want to discuss your specific needs?

Want to talk about your specific requirements and how the PCI Pal team can help you meet those needs? Then we would love to talk.

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