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Instilling trust and ensuring full PCI DSS compliance

We help you to build trust and protect your brand with your customers each and every time you take a payment and ensure you are fully PCI DSS compliant.

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Protecting every customer payment

Customers have never been more aware of the risks of making payments over the phone or through digital channels. You need to ensure you gain their trust and that your organization fully meets and complies with PCI DSS. You need to:

Build trust 

By consistently following a payment process that shows customers that you protect them and their payment details.

Mitigate risk

By ensuring that no sensitive payment details enter your systems or can be observed/captured by your people.

Comply to PCI DSS

By leveraging a system that is fully PCI DSS compliant and continually aligns to best practices.

Reduce compliance overhead

By descoping your compliance requirements by ensuring no payment details are captured or processed within your systems.

Comply across all channels

By putting in place a single secure payment solution across telephone, digital and IVR self-service channels.

Consistent across payment types

Having one solution that is PCI DSS compliant across a range of payment solutions from cards to eWallets, from pay by bank to buy now pay later.

A payment solution trusted by customers

Your customers are resistant to just providing payment details over the phone or via digital channels if they are not confident that this is secure.

With PCI Pal you can instill the trust that you take data privacy and security seriously. You ensure that no payment information is shared with your customer-facing team but captured electronically in a secure system that provides the highest level of protection for both you and your customers.

Full PCI DSS compliance

You are looking to ensure that your payment process is PCI DSS compliant without the burden of making changes to existing systems or annual compliance assessments.

We remove the complexity of compliance. All payment information is collected, secured and processed within our solution and no data enters your environment. This descopes your requirements for assessment and enables you to rely on our Attestation of Compliance to demonstrate full PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

Removing payment card data from our contact centre environment provides peace of mind as I know payments are being handled securely and meeting compliance standards. Using PCI Pal also gives confidence to customers who are increasingly reluctant to give out their payment card details over the phone. It’s reassuring to them that we have the processes and technology in place to protect them.

Alan Shurey, Digital Services Manager, Greg Rowe

The security & compliance value
delivered by PCI Pal

Ensure trust

We secure every transaction over every channel to maximize customer confidence and build the all-important trust.

Immediate compliance

By utilizing our solution, you immediately gain the ability to offer PCI DSS compliant payments to your customers.

Reduced overhead costs

By stopping payment data from entering your environment, we descope your compliance requirements and enable you to benefit from our Attestation of Compliance.

Continued compliance

Through working with PCI Pal you have the peace of mind that our solution will remain aligned to PCI DSS standards.

Become fully PCI compliant today

Discover more about how we secure each and every payment and ensure you are fully PCI DSS compliant. Speak to our team.

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