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Increase successful transactions and reduce costs with secure payments

PCI Pal enables you to increase the number of transactions successfully completed in your contact center while providing ways to reduce transactional costs.

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Securing and
optimizing payments

As an organization that takes customer payments in your contact center or through your customer-facing teams, you are looking to increase the number of transactions that successfully complete and optimize the cost of each transaction. You want a payment solution that delivers:


Allowing your customers to pay the way they want to, whether that be by card, eWallets, bank or leverage buy-now-pay-later options.


Enabling your customers to leverage their preferred channel whether that be the telephone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service.

Complete more

By having your agents guide the customer through the process and assist when things don’t go to plan.

Reduce transaction

Through leveraging payment gateways and payment options that have a lower cost per transaction.

Simplify payment process

By enabling payments to be taken by agents and customer-facing teams as part of their initial interaction; no need for call backs.


By supporting a frictionless payment process that reduces rather than adds to the average handle time.

Frictionless payments
equals more revenue

The easier you make it for your customers to pay you through your contact center or customer-facing teams, the more payments and revenue you will receive.

We help you do this with a trusted, intuitive and frictionless payment experience. We enable your customers to use their preferred interaction channel, for your agents to guide the customer through every step of the process and for more transactions to be successfully completed.

More payment options
equals lower costs

Different payment methods incur different scales of transactional charges. Providing customers with options that have a lower transactional charge reduces costs and increases profitability.

We help you do this by enabling you to embrace a wider range of payment options. Not only do we support payment cards and eWallets, we also support pay by bank options that in most cases do not incur charges. In addition, we connect into a wide range of payment gateways enabling you to select the service that is most financially viable for you.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

PCI Pal’s Agent Assist has turned our cardholder-not-present payments around; transaction times have reduced, our agents are happy as they see all calls through from start to completion and PCI compliance is assured. What makes this a complete success however is that the payment failure rate has dropped from around 25% to less than 5%, which has completely exceeded our expectations.

Andy Kinney, Systems Manager, VAX

The unique value of working with PCI Pal

More payment options

By enabling you to offer your customers a choice in how they pay you, increasing the amount of transactions that enter the payment process.

More completed transactions

By enabling your team to guide the customer through the payment process and navigate any issues that arise in real time.

More repeat transactions

By allowing you to deliver the best possible payment experience to customers, increasing the chance of repeat business.

Lower transaction costs

By giving you the ability to leverage lower cost payment gateways or alternative payment options such as pay by bank.

Reduced handle time

By simplifying and streamlining the process and reducing average handle time and reducing need for repeat calls.

Support lower cost channels

By enabling you to take payment not only over the phone, but also through lower cost digital channels and through self-service IVR.

Increase revenue and reduce
transaction costs today

Simply reach out to our team to discover more about the different channels and payment methods we securely support.

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