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Enabling secure and effortless payment experiences in travel and leisure

We simplify and safeguard transactions across all channels, ensuring PCI DSS compliance for leisure, travel and tourism companies.

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Creating secure &
frictionless payment experiences

From travel agents to sports venues, businesses across the travel and leisure industry often deal with consumers remotely, and that requires for you to be able to take customer payments in a seamless and secure manner. Your customers are often on the move, so they need a simple process aligned to their preferred way of interaction. They also need to trust that you will protect their sensitive payment information and that each transaction is secure. You need to put in place a secure payment solution that can support:

Exceptional customer experiences

Making it easy for your customers to provide payment as an effortless and seamless part of their interaction with you. 

Consistent across all channels

Whether your customers have reached out by phone, chat, SMS or email, you need to provide them with a simple, consistent way to make a payment. 


Different customers prefer different payment options; you need to be able to support payments by card, eWallets or eBanking. 

Simple process
for your team

Making it easy for your contact center and customer-facing teams to take a customer payment without complex and frustrating processes. 


Through an IVR payment solution that ensures you are there for your customers 24×7. 

& compliant

Reducing risk of taking payments from customers and ensuring you are fully PCI DSS compliant. 

Aligning to your customers’ preferences

Your customers have a choice and travel and leisure competition has never been greater. Customer experience is a significant differentiator, and a key to this is the ease of which customers are able to make payments.

We help you to simplify the payment process for your customers. The breadth of our solution enables you to align to customer preferences taking payments over their preferred method of interaction whether that be phone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service. We also enable you to offer payment choice, taking payments by card, by eWallets, pay by bank or leverage buy now pay later options.

Simplifying payments for your customer-facing teams

It is not just your contact center that needs to take payments from customers, it can extend to other customer-facing teams. You need to put in place a single solution that can simplify and secure the payment process wherever it takes place.

By utilizing PCI Pal, you are able to provide your contact center and customer-facing teams with an intuitive application to support every transaction. Agents and advisors are able to guide the customer through the payment process either over the phone or through a secure digital link. This enables your team to better serve customers and deliver the outcomes that makes their role rewarding.

Building trust, simplifying compliance

Your customers need to trust you. When they make a payment they need to know that this is secure and that you follow best practices to ensure you protect their sensitive payment details.

With PCI Pal, no customer payment details are captured in your contact center or held within your systems reducing the scope of PCI DSS compliance for your contact center. Also, by leveraging our fully our compliant solution, you reduce risk associated with taking payments by ensuring that each and every transaction is secure.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

There was no re-engineering of our call handling or system upgrades. Instead, we’ve been able to integrate PCI Pal’s solutions and deliver a seamless call flow for both our customers and call handlers

Alyson Williams, Finance Manager - Group, iFly

The unique value we offer travel & leisure companies

Differentiated customer experience

By removing friction and making the customer payment experience seamless and effortless. 

Increase sales

By ensuring that more payment transactions are successfully completed first time driving up sales and revenue. 

Enable digital channel

By catering for all customer preferences, supporting payments over the full range of digital channels and enabling IVR self-service. 

Reduce costs

By not only reducing time to take a payment but enabling you to leverage lower transactional cost payment methods.

Building trust & loyalty

By showing that you are protecting the customers’ sensitive information and at the same time reducing the risk to your business. 

Reducing compliance costs

By ensuring no payment details enter your systems, reducing the scope of PCI DSS compliance. 

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