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Simplifying & securing contact center payments for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs)

Streamlining the process, meeting specific client needs and ensuring full PCI DSS compliance.

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Streamlining & securing
the payment process

As a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) your clients expect you to be able to take payments from their customers in a seamless, secure and compliant manner. From having worked with many organizations like yours, we understand the challenges involved. We provide a solution that enables you to simplify the payment process across your whole operation while meeting those needs that are important to you and your clients.

Efficient payment process

The ability to streamline the payment process in order for it to flow naturally within interactions reducing average handle time.

Increasing successful outcomes

Through the ability to guide the customer through the payment process and to create more completed transactions.

for agents

Avoiding adding more complexity and providing agents with an intuitive to use secure payment solution.

Secure &

Enabling you to demonstrate to your clients that every payment is taken in a secure and PCI DSS compliant way.

True omnichannel

That enables payments to be taken over the phone, chat, SMS, email or through IVR self-service.

Flexible &

Able to seamlessly integrate into client’s environment and scale as required to meet client demand.

Taking payments across every channel

For most of your clients you are providing a true omnichannel service and as such you need to ensure that payments can be taken securely across all these channels.

With PCI Pal you gain a single solution that can be applied to every channel you are delivering for your clients. We enable payments to be taken over the phone, through digital channels such as chat, SMS and email and to enable self-service through an IVR-based solution.

Meeting all clients’ payment requirements

We enable you to put a single payment solution in place that you can leverage across all of your clients and as part of your differentiated proposition to win new clients.

With PCI Pal you also gain flexibility. Some of your clients will have specific requirements, maybe to use their own specific payment gateway, or to offer their customers the ability to pay by bank. We provide the capability for you do this with an extensive range of connectors making it easy for you to fulfil individual client needs.

Securing payments &
simplifying compliance

As a BPO taking payments for multiple clients within your contact centers, you risk being subject to multiple QSA audits per year and having a significant compliance overhead.

By leveraging PCI Pal to take secure payments, sensitive payment information is neither captured nor held in your environment, this takes your contact center out of the scope of PCI DSS requirements, significantly reducing the burden and cost of QSA audits from your operation.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

The beauty of PCI Pal’s solution is that, not only could we integrate it with all of our existing voice and payment gateways, but it provides a seamless way of working for our contact center agents. In fact, I would say we have improved the overall customer experience, as payments can be handled faster, with average call lengths reducing by at least 20% because of the efficiencies it provides. Initially, we went live with our charity client Christian Aid, and have since rolled it out to other clients.

Jason Hall, Service Delivery Manager, DDS OS UK

The unique value we
offer BPOs

Demonstrable compliance

We enable you to provide peace of mind to your existing and future clients that your payment process is secure and fully PCI DSS compliant.

Omnichannel flexibility

The ability for you to take payments for clients across every channel including phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service.

More completed transactions

By delivering a frictionless payment experience to end-customers where your agents are able to guide them through to successful completion.

Efficient payment process

That reduces average handle time (AHT) by simplifying the process and ensuring more payments are completed first time.

Scalability & flexibility

Leveraging a SaaS-based solution that can scale in terms of both capacity and capability to quickly respond to the demands of your clients.

Future-fit technology

That enables you to meet your clients’ needs now and in the future in terms of interaction channels and payment types supported.

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