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Enabling secure and seamless payment experiences in financial services and insurance

How we support financial services organizations to take payments in a secure, PCI DSS-compliant way.

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Streamlining & securing the payment process

Operating within the financial services or insurance sector, your contact centers need to be able to take payments from your customers and it is critical that this process is both secure and PCI DSS compliant. With increased competition, you are also focused on delivering the best possible customer experience and as such, your payment process must be effortless for customers and a seamless part of the customer journey. You need a secure payment solution that meets the following key requirements:

Secure &

Ensuring that every payment transaction is secure and is fully PCI DSS compliant. 

Enhances customer experience

By removing friction from the payment process and making it an effortless and seamless part of the customer journey. 

Improve agent

By providing them with an intuitive and streamlined process to take customer payments. 

Embrace digital

With the ability to take payments over the customer’s preferred channel including phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service. 

Provide payment

With the ability to take payments from customers using cards, eWallets and pay by bank transfer. 


Able to scale with the business and capable of supporting new interaction channels and payment types. 

Enhancing the customer’s payment experience

The payment process is a key moment in the customer journey, and it is essential that it provides the best possible experience. You need the process to be effortless for your customers and a seamless part of the interaction.

With PCI Pal the payment is secured without having to break the interaction with the customer; agents are able to guide the customer through each step of the payment process. We also enable you to closer align with customer preferences by offering a wide range of payment options including pay by card, pay by eWallet and pay by bank.

Simplifying compliance

Being in the financial services and insurance sector you are familiar with the pressures of ensuring, auditing and evidencing compliance; the last thing you need is to have an additional burden of PCI DSS compliance.

By utilizing PCI Pal we ensure that no sensitive payment information is captured or held within your systems. This descopes your compliance requirements enabling you to benefit from the fact that our system is fully PCI DSS compliant and is regularly audited and validated.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

The process of buying a policy is now easier and more refined, so customers are less likely to drop out. For our agents, our call times have improved. Ultimately, our agents and customers prefer it, and we are seeing a big jump in efficiencies all round.

Tom Bowen, Senior Database Architect, Verex

The unique value we offer
Financial Services & Insurance Firms

Enhanced customer experience

By simplifying the payment process and enabling customers to utilize their payment method of choice. 

Increase digital channel adoption

With the ability to support interactions over digital channels all the way through to payment completion. 

Complete more transactions

By having agents guide the customer through the payment process and ensuring that more transactions are successfully completed.

Reduce costs

By ensuring more transactions are completed the first time, reducing interaction times and leveraging lower transactional cost payment methods.

Building customer trust

By showing that you are protecting their sensitive information and ensuring this is not shared with your agents. 

Reducing compliance costs

By removing your contact center from the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

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