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Securing payments with DTMF masking

Ensuring that when customers enter their payment details, these are not audible to your contact center agents nor captured by your voice recorder.

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Masking customer
payment details

When your customers key-in their payment details using DTMF tones, you need to ensure that these are not shared with your agents nor captured by your call recording solution. You need to deploy a DTMF masking solution that secures every transaction.

Mask DTMF tones

Ensuring that these are not audible to your customer-facing team and cannot be captured and interpreted.

Protect payment data

By ensuring that it does not enter the contact center environment but remains within a secure by design payment solution.

De-risk call recording

By ensuring no sensitive payment information is audible to your call recording solution removing the need for pause and resume.

DTMF tones

In DTMF masking, the consumer enters their card number, expiry date and security code using their telephone keypad, rather than speaking their payment card data.

These tones are intercepted by the PCI Pal system and masked with a monotone comfort beep for the agents. The captured payment data is then sent directly to the Payment Service Provider (PSP) for processing. This approach secures payment data by ensuring this does not enter your contact center environment.

Ensuring payment details are not recorded

To protect customer payment details and ensure full PCI DSS compliance, you need to address the risk of sensitive payment information being directly or inadvertently captured by your call recording solution.

Rather than relying on a pause and resume of the call recording, with DTMF masking as part of the PCI Pal solution, no payment details are audible and as such, can never be captured by your call recording solution. This is a highly robust solution that ensures maximum security and full compliance.

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We are proud to have
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After meeting with PCI Pal, it was clear that using their Dual Tone Multi Frequency masking technology would create a seamless and safe experience for our customers, plus enable our team to continue to resolve requests without interruption.

Ashmita Bhimji, Secret Escape

The benefits of PCI Pal DTMF masking

Protects agents

Removing the pressure on your agent to secure and protect customer payment details by ensuring they never have access to this information.

Secures at source

By ensuring that no sensitive payment information enters your systems but remains in our PCI DSS compliant platform that is secure by design.

De-risks call recording

With no payment details being audible to the call recording solution you remove the risk of this being accidentally captured and stored.

Increases customer confidence

By appreciating that you take security seriously and have taken steps to protect their personal payment information.

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If you would like to learn more about the technology we leverage to secure each and every payment transaction, simply reach out to the team.

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