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Omnichannel payments through secure digital links

When engaging with your customers over any channel, we enable payments to be taken securely and effortlessly through secure & compliant digital links.

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Enabling omnichannel
customer payments

Your customers don’t just phone you, they engage in chat sessions, through social media, via SMS and through email. Regardless of the channel of interaction, you need to be able to take a secure and PCI DSS compliant payment from them and you need the experience to be easy and frictionless. You need a secure payment solution that can:

Operate alongside
every channel

Whether that be a traditional voice call, a chat session, SMS or email and provide an easy way to make a payment.

Support all
payment options

Including payment by card, the use of eWallets, the latest open banking technology to enable bank transfer, and buy-now-pay-later options.

Agent-assisted experience

More payments are completed when your customer-facing teams can guide the customer through every step of the payment process.

Intuitive for

You need a payment process that is intuitive for the customer, streamlines the process and delivers a seamless experience.

Trusted by

Providing them with reassurance that the payment process is secure and you are protecting their sensitive details.

Ensures PCI DSS compliance

By ensuring that no payment details are captured in your contact center or enter your systems.

Enabling customers to click to pay

We make it easy for you to enable customers to pay you across the full range of interaction channels, including phone, chat, SMS, socials and email.

At the time payment is required, we enable your team to generate and send a secure link to the customer via chat, SMS or email. The customer simply clicks on the link and follows the simple process to complete their transactions. The agent is provided with real-time visibility of progress and able to guide the customer step by step through the process to successful completion.

Opening up more
digital payment options

Your customers are comfortable using eCommerce where they can select their preferred payment method and it would improve the experience if you could also offer this level of flexibility.

With PCI Pal’s click to pay solution, you are able to support the widest range of payment options enabling your customers to use the secure link for simple mobile payments through their eWallet. We also support open banking standard to enable pay by bank; by clicking the secure link your customers are able to quickly make an account-2-account (A2A) payment, easier for them and more cost effective for you.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

The PCI Pal team have always gone out of their way to adapt their solutions as our business needs have evolved. We would certainly recommend PCI Pal, not only are they digital, safe and secure, but they are also very forward-thinking, so great for any retail e-commerce business.

Hether Gibson, Brand Experience Director, AllSaints

The benefits of utilizing secure digital payment links

Simplifying customer experience

By making it easy and frictionless for customers to make a payment, simply clicking on the secure digital link for a better customer experience.

Accelerating omnichannel engagement

You want more customers to engage with you over digital channels and by simplifying payments over these channels you accelerate adoption.

More completed payments

By enabling your customer-facing teams to guide the customer through the payment process and ensure that more payments are successfully completed.

More transactions

By aligning to customer preferences in terms of interaction channel and payment type, attracting more customers and increasing loyalty.

Improved agent experience

By simplifying the payment process and providing them with an intuitive solution to guide the customer and deliver a better and more satisfying service.

Reduce cost of compliance

With no sensitive payment information entering your systems, we reduce the scope of PCI compliance for your contact center.

Start enabling digital
payments today

Simply reach out to our team to learn more about the digital channels we support and the payment options we can enable through secure digital links.

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