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Enabling call centers to deliver secure & frictionless payment experiences

We focus on helping contact centers to transform their payment experience for customers while ensuring every transaction is secure and PCI DSS compliant.

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Transforming payment experiences
and securing every transaction

As a contact center you are looking to deliver the best possible payment experience to your customers across a wide range of channels and leverage a growing set of payment options. To do this you need to put in place a secure payment solution that can deliver value to everyone.

Ensure trust & compliance

Leverage a solution that secures every transaction and ensures you are PCI DSS compliant across your contact center. 

Improve customer experience

By ensuring the payment process is a seamless part of the customer experience, effortless and frictionless. 

Consistent across all channels

Enabling payments to be taken across the full omnichannel including phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service.

Support all payment options

Helping you to align with customer payment preferences by supporting payments by card, eWallets, bank and buy now pay later options. 

Improve agent experience

By providing an intuitive solution that allows them to secure payments while retaining control and engagement with the customer. 


With a SaaS-based solution that can scale with you, support virtual teams and remote agents, and enable you to add new channels and payment types as required. 

Improving the customer payment experience

You are focused on delivering the best possible experience to your customers and this needs to include the payment process. You want this to be a seamless part of the customer journey, aligned to their preferences, effortless and frictionless.

Our secure payment solution is designed for contact centers and focuses on delivering the best possible payment experience. We allow you to streamline the payment process while ensuring consistency across every channel. We enable your team to support customers through every step while protecting their personal payment information, and we enable you to expand the payment options you offer to your customers.

Secure & compliant across every channel and every agent

It is vital that you secure the payment process across your entire contact center operation regardless of whether you have a single site, a group of virtual centers, or leverage remote and home working agents. 

As a cloud-based solution we are able to support every agent regardless of where they are. We support true omnichannel environments with a consistent, secure and fully PCI DSS compliant payment solution that includes phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service. 

Agility to confidently step into the future

By their nature contact centers are dynamic, constantly adapting to changing customer preferences and behavior. This is why our solution is designed to scale with you, not just in terms of capacity, but also capability. 

Our solution is ready to support any channel you want to utilize for payments including the latest AI-powered chat bots. We leverage the latest speech recognition technology to deliver IVR-based self-service, and our solution supports the ever-evolving set of payment options including pay by card, by bank, by eWallet and buy now pay later options. With PCI Pal, you gain a solution that can deliver on all of your needs today, while providing the agility to be future-fit. 

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

We haven’t looked back since – the comparison from our previous supplier is like night and day.

Stephen Wright, IT Engineer, Pennon Water Services

The unique value delivered

by PCI Pal

Enhanced customer experience

By making payments a seamless part of the customer journey, removing friction and enabling your agents to guide customers through the process. 

Intuitive agent experience

With a solution that is effortless to use and enables agents to focus on the customer interaction and experience. 

Secure & compliant

By using a platform that is PCI DSS compliant and ensuring that no card payment details are captured or held in your systems.  

Drive efficiencies

By enabling you to take payments over every channel, complete more transactions first time and reduce average handle time. 

Increase profitability

Not just by ensuring more payments are completed but enabling you to leverage payment methods that have a lower transactional cost. 

Enable future agility

With a solution that enables you to move quickly to introduce new channels and new payment options for your customers.  

Transform your payment experience today

Want to understand the impact PCI Pal can have on your contact center payment experience while ensuring full PCI DSS compliance? Let’s talk.

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