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Retail – PCI Compliant Payments for Restaurant Group Fridays

The Company

The first TGI Fridays opened in New York in 1965. Globally, TGI Fridays operate almost 900 restaurants in 60 countries, including Fridays UK outlets in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands, where more than 12 million guests are served each year. With a changing operational model to a more booking-led business, Fridays UK has created a virtual contact centre to support its store in managing the booking experience, which includes taking payments.

The Compliance Challenge

Fridays UK has traditionally been focused on providing its service to ‘walk-in’ guests. In the last 24 months, however, Fridays UK has changed its operational model to provide a service that meets the needs of today’s consumers, including offering the option to click & collect meals or have food and drinks delivered to their homes. This involved the creation of their virtual contact centre; designed to support their UK stores by reducing administrative burdens and focusing on providing guests with a great experience.  Part of this involved moving bookings from their website to their contact centre. Colleagues handle bookings for individuals and businesses which can involve taking payments over the phone, which meant they fell into the scope of the PCI DSS. Not wanting to impede a smooth journey for their customers, Fridays UK took the decision to look for a solution that would satisfy both.


The Solution

Fridays UK embarked on the process of sourcing a partner that would provide a payment security solution that could be integrated with Fridays’ existing infrastructure, which includes a Stripe payment service provider.  After going to tender, they chose PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution. The technology uses DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) masking technology, as well as Speech Recognition for guests who can’t use their telephone keypad, and provides a secure way of handling payments without bringing an organisations’ environment in scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). By integrating with the call flow, PCI Pal Agent Assist intercepts keypad tones or speech at the point of payment. This means agents don’t hear or see any personal payment card data, but just asterisks on the screen.


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