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Retail – Secure Omnichannel Contact Center Payments

The Company

As a Level 1 merchant, this retail organization must adhere to the most stringent requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which include commissioning a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to review the card data environment, systems, processes, technical information and documentation to assess whether its omnichannel contact center PCI DSS requirements are being met.


The Compliance Challenge

The multi-billion dollar company has around 1,500 contact center agents globally. To prioritize staff safety during the pandemic, they needed an omnichannel contact centre solution that would allow them to work remotely anywhere in the world, meaning their existing pause and resume call recording solution wasn’t fit for purpose. Moreover, the seasonal spikes in traffic meant that they needed a solution that’s scalable, easy to implement, and globally available whilst enabling them to meet PCI DSS requirements.


The Solution

Already using Five9 for its customer telephony in addition to Oracle Service Cloud for its CRM, the retailer chose to implement PCI Pal Digital and Agent Assist, which meant the merchant was able to integrate these cloud-based solutions with its omnichannel Oracle Service Cloud. Our pioneering Level 1 PCI DSS certified solutions are built around clients’ contact centers and processes and integrate with all contact center platforms, including the Oracle Service Cloud and Twilio, which underpins the retailer’s Five9 customer experience solution.


Download the success story to discover more on how the retailer leveraged PCI Pal’s secure payment solutions to meet their PCI DSS requirements without compromising on customer experience.

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