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Modernizing, securing and streamlining payments for the public sector

Making it easier for citizens to make payments through your contact center by removing friction and ensuring every transaction is secure and PCI DSS compliant.

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Simplifying & securing call center payments

Your contact center has become pivotal in how you connect with your citizens and a gateway to many of the services you provide. As part of interactions, you often must take a payment and it is essential that you make these transactions frictionless, secure and PCI DSS compliant.

You need a secure payment solution that is accessible to all demographics, enables a seamless payment experience and can operate not just across the phone but also the digital channels you are introducing. Key objectives should include:

to all

Removing complexity and enabling for payments to be made in a range of ways that caters for the needs of every citizen. 

Secure &

Ensuring that your citizens trust your payment process, it is secure and fully PCI DSS compliant.

Seamless payment experience

By enabling your agents to guide the citizen through every step of the payment process. 

Enable digital

Through being able to take payments consistently by phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service. 

Intuitive for

With a streamlined payment process that is intuitive for your agents, removing stress and frustration. 

Offer payment

With the ability to align to the preferences of your citizens with payments by cards, eWallets and bank transfer. 

A payment process accessible to all citizens

As a public sector organization your citizens span all demographics, as such you need to be able to cater for all needs and preferences when taking payments from them.

With PCI Pal you can enable your contact center to take payments in a secure and effortless manner. We allow your citizens to use their phone keypad to enter their payment details, or to use advanced speech recognition technology to enable them to speak their details. We accelerate your digital first approach by supporting payments over chat, SMS and email and also offer a fully self-service option with IVR.

Simplifying the agent experience

Your agents have enough to do without adding a complex payment process for them to follow. You need to protect your agents and provide them with a streamlined and intuitive solution.

PCI Pal simplifies the agent’s experience by making payments a seamless part of their interaction with the citizen. Our intuitive interface enables them to guide the citizen through every step of the payment process, clearly seeing progress in real-time and enabling them to focus on the conversation and not the process. By making the experience effortless for the citizen, we improve the experience for the agent.

Ensuring trust & compliance

As a public sector organization, your citizens need to trust that you are keeping their sensitive payment information secure and are following best practices.

With PCI Pal, no sensitive payment information is captured or held in your systems, payments are managed by our PCI DSS compliant solution. This takes the pressure off your agents regardless of if they are working in a center or at home and instills trust with your citizens.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

The introduction of PCI Pal demonstrates to residents that the Council is taking security seriously. We care about their data and protecting their payments and information.

Marcus Power, Resident Financial Services Manager, Waltham Forest Council

The unique value we offer the public sector

Improved citizen experience

By simplifying the payment process, enabling accessibility to all, and making it a seamless part of the interaction with your organization.

More successful payments

By making it easy for citizens and allowing agents to guide them through the payment process, we increase the amount of successful payments.

Enable digital first

By allowing your citizens to make a payment over their preferred channel whether that be voice, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service.

Reduce costs

By allowing you to leverage different payment types and payment gateways that reduce your cost per transaction.

Building citizen trust

By showing that you are protecting their sensitive information and ensuring this is not shared with your agents, or exposed to your systems. 

Reducing risk

By ensuring no sensitive payment details are captured in your contact center or held by your systems.

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