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Michelin implements PCI Pal® for Secure and Compliant Payments

PCI Pal, [LON:PCIP] the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions, has announced that Michelin, the largest tire manufacturer in the world, has successfully implemented its Agent Assist solution to ensure payments are handled securely and in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Michelin was in search of a customer-centric, secure payment solution with a priority to keep drivers safe on the roads, while taking the best care of its agents within the call center. Following its implementation, the company now uses PCI Pal Agent Assist to secure payments for its Advantage Fleet members.

Michelin is committed to providing the best experience for all involved, and when the pandemic hit, so did a need for compliance continuity whether agents were in office or remote. Utilizing Dual-Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) masking technology, Agent Assist ensures all payment data is secured, allowing contact center agents to continue the conversation without accessing sensitive data, even as customers input their payment information.

With Agent Assist, Michelin ensures Advantage Fleet members’ payment card information is kept secure, with no degradation to customer experience quality.

Jill Weis, Michelin’s Director of North America Inside Sales, comments, “We knew we were PCI compliant when all contact center staff were working on site. When the pandemic hit, to keep our team safe, we quickly moved them to working from their homes. We needed to maintain the same level of security at home that we had had on site for our customers’ credit card registrations. The interim solution was to have contact center employees working with a video camera on them at all times, but this solution was not sustainable. We needed a more effective way.”

Weis continues, “PCI Pal really had our employees’ best interests at the forefront and prioritized aspects of the integration where it would benefit contact center employees’ health and safety, by allowing them to work from home in a PCI compliant environment. For that we are eternally grateful.”

PCI Pal’s CRO, Darren Gill, adds, “Getting to work with an organization such as Michelin that shares so many core values and a commitment for excellence is one of the exciting parts of what we get to do within the industry. We are excited to have Michelin’s Advantage Fleets up and running in a setting that perfectly blends compliance and customer-agent experience.”

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