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Simplifying and securing payments for charities and non-profit organizations

How we simplify and secure the way charities accept payments from donors and non-profit organizations take payments from customers.

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Streamlining and securing the payment process

Whether you are a charity or a non-profit organization you need to ensure it is easy for your teams to collect payments and to ensure that every transaction is both secure and fully PCI DSS compliant.

Making it easy for people to pay requires having the ability to process payments over any channel, the phone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service. It also needs to be a simple process that caters for a broad range of payment options. You need a solution that can:


Demonstrating to your patrons and customers that you take payment security seriously and their sensitive information is protected. 

Make payments

By simplifying the process and enabling your customer-facing teams to guide the customer through every step of the payment process. 

Support every

Enabling secure payments to be taken over every channel including phone, chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service. 

Provide payment

With the ability to take payments from customers using cards, eWallets and pay by bank transfer. 


By making sure that no payment details are captured or held in your systems and utilizing a fully PCI DSS compliant solution. 

Improve agent experience

By providing your customer-facing teams with an intuitive to use solution that enables them to focus on their interaction with the customer. 

Making payments easy for your donors & customers

Whether you are looking to secure payments from donors or collecting charges for services from customers, you need to make the process seamless and easy.

With PCI Pal you not only streamline the payments, but you enable your team to guide the customer through every step of the process. Whether the customer is entering their details through their phone keypad or utilizing a secure payment link, the agent is able to follow real-time progress and assist the customer if they have challenges. This not only ensures more payments are successfully completed, but it also delivers a connected experience to all involved.

All channels, all payment options

You want to be able to take payments over all engagement channels and to offer customers and donors a choice in how they make their payment.

With PCI Pal you can provide a consistent and secure experience over all engagement channels including phone, chat, SMS, email and even IVR self-service. We also provide you with the capability to offer your customer choice in how they pay, supporting pay by card, pay by eWallet and pay by bank. This makes it easier for your customers to make a payment and delivers a seamless experience.

Securing transactions, ensuring compliance

Both charities and non-profit organizations have been targeted by cyber criminals and as such it is important that you take every step to secure sensitive customer payment information and follow best practice.

By leveraging PCI Pal you reduce the risk to customer data. We ensure that sensitive payment information is neither captured nor held by your systems. All payment information flows through our solution which is secure by design and fully PCI DSS compliant.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

Using PCI Pal’s solutions sends a strong message to our supporters; it shows that we take data security extremely seriously. As a charity, it’s important that we be transparent about how money is used and how we capture donations.

Jon Carr, Support Services Manager, The Woodland Trust

The unique value we offer charities & non-profit organizations

More successful payments 

By simplifying the payment process for donors and customers and ensuring they are guided through to successful transaction completion. 

Drive loyalty

Through ensuring that payments are effortless and a seamless part of their journey and experience. 

Reduce risk

By ensuring that every transaction is secure and customer sensitive information is protected. 

Embrace digitalization

By enabling customers to securely pay through digital channels such as chat, SMS, email and IVR self-service. 

Streamline processes 

By providing your customerfacing teams with a way to take payment in the initial interaction and reducing the need to extend or repeat calls. 

Demonstrable PCI DSS compliance

By taking your systems outside the scope of PCI DSS and leveraging our ready-made, proven and fully PCI DSS compliant solution.  

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