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PCI Pal Provides Secure, Compliant Payments for Talkdesk Global Customers

Joint Talkdesk, PCI Pal customer relationships expand to include Air Business, Metabolic Living, Resideo, Scotts, Tucows, and Weekendesk.


PCI Pal® (LON: PCIP), the global provider of secure payment solutions, is working closely with Talkdesk, the global customer experience leader for customer-obsessed companies, to provide a growing list of customers with innovative customer service and security capabilities. The companies’ expanding customer list includes Air Business, Metabolic Living, Resideo, Scotts, Tucows, and Weekendesk.

As a Talkdesk AppConnect partner, PCI Pal offers secure payment solutions for Talkdesk to resell to thousands of customers worldwide, enhancing the Talkdesk suite of integrations, which includes more than 80 industry-leading applications that enable businesses to rapidly expand their contact center capabilities. With fraud on the rise – taking only 14 months to reach an added one million complaints according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) – companies are prioritizing their customers’ personal data more than ever and integrating additional security solutions into their contact centers. As Talkdesk helps companies build custom contact center solutions leveraging the Talkdesk CX Cloud platformTM, customers can further look to PCI Pal to ensure this process embeds advanced security practices into the solution to safeguard customers’ financial information.

“Our partnership with PCI Pal continues to grow as organizations increase their focus on security measures,” said Robert Gavin, Vice President, Alliances at Talkdesk. “By choosing to complement their Talkdesk CX Cloud platform with a PCI Pal solution, businesses can combine all of the customer experience benefits Talkdesk delivers with a best-in-class security application.”

Talkdesk CX Cloud is an automation-first customer experience solution that optimizes customers’ most critical customer service processes. It includes Talkdesk AI and a full set of enterprise-level, integrated, CX applications for customer self-service, omnichannel engagement, workforce engagement, employee collaboration, and customer experience analytics.

“Similar to Talkdesk, PCI Pal takes customer service seriously and believes in not letting safety of the transaction interfere with the relationship between a customer and a company,” says Darren Gill, CRO at PCI Pal. “This partnership has benefited both companies, and with so many new customers already being added to our shared list, we’re optimistic for the future and what it holds for us as we meld customer service and payment security together in the contact center space.”

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