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Greg Rowe Limited partners with Talkdesk and PCI Pal for secure payments

The company

Greg Rowe Limited is a second-generation, family-owned business that has been designing and manufacturing multi-functional kitchen taps for over 50 years. QETTLE, a unique kitchen tap, which is engineered to globally granted design patents, dispenses four flows of water from a single spout – 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and normal cold flows.

Intended to be a disruptive, digitally-driven brand from the beginning, it was essential from early on that a robust payment protection platform was in place.

The compliance challenge

Greg Rowe employs a team of customer service staff who provide product support to consumers and dedicated after-sales care to OEM customers, who predominantly pay via invoice. Following the launch of, the need for the company’s customer services team to accept payments over the telephone significantly increased. And it became crucial to ensure that customers’ payment details were handled in compliance with PCI DSS – particularly when staff were forced to work from home during the pandemic.

In addition, the company had upgraded its contact center telephone system to Talkdesk in 2020, so the selected PCI DSS compliance solution had to integrate seamlessly.

The solution

After reviewing a number of solutions, Greg Rowe selected PCI Pal Agent Assist to provide a PCI DSS-compliant method of handling payments from QETTLE customers.

PCI Pal Agent Assist offers the key advantage of enabling contact center staff to carry on speaking to customers throughout the transaction, providing technical support where necessary. When customers enter their payment card details, contact center staff merely see asterisks being entered on the screen and dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) masking technology removes the sound of keys being pressed on the telephone keypad.


Download the success story to read more on how PCI Pal allowed this organization to achieve and maintain PCI compliant contact center payments. Discover how the flexibility of our cloud-based solutions ensures a seamless customer journey that remains consistent and enhances the experience.

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