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Government – South Staffordshire District Council

The public sector offers a number of services, and  South Staffordshire District Council is no different. Based in the Midlands, the Council provides a wide range of services for its residents, including housing benefits, waste collection, environmental health, homelessness prevention and planning enforcement, to name just a handful. Some of these services involve taking payments, traditionally taken via an automated IVR to meet PCI DSS requirements.

The Council were launching a new paid-for Garden Waste Collection service, anticipating that at least 16,000 subscriptions would be taken up when the initiative launched, which would involve taking various types of data as residents registered for the new service. They needed a system that allowed their contact centre staff to remain in conversation with callers through the registration and payment process, whilst ensuring all payment details were provided in an anonymous way and transacted away.

After scoping their project, they decided to use Call Secure Plus, a cloud-based solution powered by PCI Pal, which meant that no on-premise installation was required.

The council originally set itself a target of achieving 16,000 subscriptions, however it has since processed over 30,000, of which around 6,000 were handled via the contact centre staff over the phone.

Download the full success story below to find out more about how PCI Pal used PCI compliant payment solutions to support South Staffordshire District Council.

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