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BPO – Securing Payments for Leading US Business Process Outsourcer

The Company

This international business process outsourcer (BPO), headquartered in Florida, USA provides a full range of outsourced business processes including sales, technical support and customer service on behalf of very large organizations. Owing to the number of payment card transactions handled each year, payment security is a top priority, as their clients are classed as tier 1 merchants and must adhere to the most stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


The Compliance Challenge

As a multi-national BPO managing key business operations on behalf of leading brands, the company has a strong track record and reputation to protect. They work with a broad range of global organizations operating across multiple industries including travel, retail, manufacturing, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and hospitality. These companies are bound by strict data protection rules, including HIPAA for organizations such as insurance companies that may process healthcare data and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) for organizations handling European citizens’ data. They needed a compliance solution that provides a seamless customer experience whilst protecting sensitive credit card data.


The Solution

This organization needed a trusted partner that is leading the field in its payment security, data protection, and compliance. After researching suitable partner organizations with the ability to integrate with a range of payment processors and contact center solutions to support its global operations, they selected PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution. When the pandemic hit in 2020, PCI Pal was able to fully support the BPO to deliver PCI compliant solutions to secure the card data environment, even when contact center agents were working remotely.


Download their success story to discover more on how the flexibility of PCI Pal Agent Assist allowed this organization to meet all its complex PCI DSS requirements without negatively impacting the customer journey, and maintaining the trust with their existing customer base wherever in the world they operate from.

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