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Using speech recognition to streamline secure payments

Leveraging advanced speech recognition technology to align to customer preferences and accessibility needs, and to secure every payment.

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Speech recognition technology has now become a natural part of our everyday lives. Leveraging this in your contact center to take secure customer payments not only increases accessibility but creates an effortless experience for those who prefer to speak rather than key their details.


Providing an intuitive solution for those who opt not to use a phone keypad to enter their payment details.


Enabling interactions to remain handsfree even when payment details are required to be provided.


With familiar and intuitive speech recognition technology for consumers, guided by the agent.

& global

Supporting over 140 different languages and delivering exceptional accuracy across regional accents.

Instilling confidence
& trust

By securing the passing of payment and ensuring trust and confidence that every transaction is secure.

Maximizing completed payments

By ensuring a seamless payment process, assisted by the agent or promoted by IVR to create a successful outcome.

Enabling customers to speak to pay

With our speech recognition solution, when it is time to pay, the agent is able to offer the customer the option to key to pay or to speak to pay. If the latter is preferred control is passed to the speech engine.

The customer is prompted to enter their payment details and speech recognition converts the details spoken into the data required. Whereas the agent cannot hear the details provided, they are shown the progress of the transaction through to completion at which point they can resume their interaction with the customer. Ensuring that every transaction is secure and fully PCI DSS compliant.

Speech Enabling IVR Payments

You are also able to leverage our advanced speech recognition technology to enhance the customer experience of self-service transactions through IVR. Rather than just enabling keypad interactions and DTMF tones, you can offer the option for customers to speak their payment details.

In a similar way to speak to pay, the customer is prompted for each piece of information and the speech recognition technology accurately converts this into the required data, simplifying and streamlining the process.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

Something I really like about the PCI Pal technology is its flexibility: it’s fully configurable if there’s a unique requirement, the team is happy to assess what is needed and undertake custom coding to suit. I was very impressed at this level of flexibility for a SaaS company, and I believe it meant a lot to the overall success of this project.

Jeff Stoddard - VP of Information Technology - NFP Health

The benefits delivered in using speech recognition

Accessible to more customers

Ensuring that every customer can complete the payment process, even when they are not able to utilize their keypad; they can simply speak their details.

Aligned to customer preferences

Extending your payment options, enabling those who prefer to speak their details to do so in an easy and intuitive way.

Streamlining the process

By making it easy for your customers and as such, ensuring that more transactions are completed in the optimum time.

Secure & compliant

By using a platform that is PCI DSS compliant and ensures that no payment details are captured or held in your systems.

Improved agent experience

By taking the pressure off agents when collecting payments while ensuring they are in control of the process through to completion.

More completed transactions

By taking the payment as part of the first interaction and having the agent support the customer through the process delivering more successfully completed transactions.

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