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Streamlining and securing customer payments for retail call centers

We help retailers transform their customers’ payment experience in contact centers, removing friction and ensuring PCI DSS compliance.

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Making payments a frictionless experience

As a retailer you need to take payments from customers when they engage with your contact center, however ecommerce has set new levels of expectations on how easy and flexible this process should be.

You need to empower your contact center team with a solution that can deliver the best possible payment experience, simplifying the process for customers and agents and aligned to ever changing customer behavior and preferences. You need a secure payment solution that delivers key capabilities:

Effortless payment experience

By removing friction and potential frustrations from the customer payment process and making this a seamless part of the interaction. 

Operates over all channels

Allowing customers to make payments over their preferred interaction channel whether that be phone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service. 

Flexible payment

Meeting consumer preferences to be able to pay by card, by eWallet, by bank or to use buy now pay later options. 

Improve agent experience

By removing the complexity from taking payments and enabling this to be smooth and seamless. 

Create consumer

By demonstrating that you take security seriously and are protecting their sensitive payment information. 

Demonstrable compliance

By ensuring no payment information is collected or held in your systems in line with PCI standards. 

Transforming the customers’ payment experience

You need to deliver a seamless and effortless payment experience for your customers, across all of your interaction channels and enabling consumers to use their preferred payment option.

We enable you to transform the customer payment process by making this a seamless part of the customer journey, maintaining the interaction between customer and agent through every step of the payment. We enable you to take payments over the phone or through secure digital links over chat, SMS and email. We also provide you with the capability to extend payment choice with support for pay by bank or buy now pay later options.

Simplified agent experience

Your agents are focused on delivering the best possible service for your customers and making the interaction a great experience. Complex and arduous payment processes can be detrimental to this experience and frustrating for both customers and agents.

With PCI Pal you are able to simplify and streamline the payment process, providing agents with an intuitive solution where they retain control while ensuring every payment is secure. By enabling your agents to follow the progress of each transaction, they are able to guide the customer step by step. This results in more completed transactions, happier customers, and more fulfilled agents.

Ensuring trust & compliance

As a retailer you are fully aware of the need to protect your customers’ sensitive payment information and to ensure that you operate within the requirements of PCI DSS.

With PCI Pal, no customer payment information enters your systems or is visible to the agent. As such, we ensure a secure end-to-end payment process building trust with your customers. By adopting our solution, you instantly gain full PCI DSS compliance.

We are proud to have
many happy customers:

The PCI Pal team are very proactive and easy to get hold of. They’ve always gone out of their way to adapt their solutions as our business needs have evolved. We would certainly recommend PCI Pal. Not only are they digital, safe and secure, but they’re also very forward-thinking, so great for any retail e-commerce business.

Heather Gibson, Brand Experience Director, AllSaints

The unique value we deliver for retailers

Seamless customer experience

By removing the friction from the payment experience and making it a seamless part of the customer journey.

Enable channel choice

By enabling your customers to securely pay using their channel of choice whether that be phone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service. 

Increase sales

By guiding the customer through the payment process and ensuring that more transactions are successfully completed. 

Improve agent experience

By removing complexity from the payment process and enabling them to deliver a seamless service to your customers. 

Reduce costs

By ensuring more transactions are completed first time, reducing interaction times and leveraging lower transactional cost payment methods. 

Reducing risk 

By securing every transaction and ensuring you are fully PCI compliant. 

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