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National Express boosts customer service with 8×8 and PCI Pal

The company

National Express LTD is the UK’s largest scheduled coach operator, serving hundreds of towns and cities across the country, as well as major airports, festivals, sporting events, and tourist destinations. In 2019, the National Express served over 21 million passengers. The company is part of the wider National Express Group, which operates bus and rail services around the world.

In early 2021, National Express adopted 8×8 Contact Center for its 100-strong customer service team, and 8×8 Work for its administrative staff.

The compliance challenge

Adopting 8×8 as their cloud contact center platform of choice, they needed a solution to support the company’s data privacy requirements and adherence to PCI DSS regulations. This was made more urgent by the pandemic when staff began working from home rather than a secure office environment.

The solution

The company added 8×8 Secure Pay, powered by PCI Pal, to its contact center implementation, which offered customers a secure way to provide bank or credit card information to an agent over the phone. 8×8 Secure Pay y enables an agent and customer to stay in contact on a call while ensuring that the sensitive card data stays secure. A customer can input payment card details using their phone keypad, and 8×8 masks the DTMF tones and routes the information to PCI Pal who processes the payment. The agent can then see the payment processed in their in-house booking system without ever accessing the card number during the process.

Download the success story in full to read more on how National Express utilized the partnership between 8×8 and PCI Pal, allowing their contact center to take PCI compliant payments with no degradation to customer service operations.

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