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Bensons for Beds futureproofs omnichannel payment security with PCI Pal and Freshworks

The Company

Bensons for Beds is a British bed retailer, selling a diverse range of beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture across its 170+ stores, online and via a telesales team.

The company is headquartered in Lancashire and it also has a dedicated manufacturing site in Cambridgeshire, where more than a third of its products are made, along with three distribution centres located in Ayr, Huncoat and Tewkesbury.

As an omnichannel retailer, Bensons for Beds is passionate and devoted to delivering service excellence, at all parts of the journey; from identifying the right products, manufacturing a quality product, made to order, to the purchase, payment, and delivery right to a customer’s home.


Looking to futureproof payment security with PCI Pal, Laurence Hendy, Head of Applications and Service Delivery at Bensons for Beds explains: “As an organization, Bensons For Beds has been working with PCI Pal, using the Agent Assist solution for several years where it sat as the foundation of our payment compliance process.

“Used across our telesales, customer services and fail prevention teams, PCI Pal Agent Assist has been used to safeguard the security of our customers’ payment card credentials.”

PCI Pal Agent Assist protects customers’ payment card details by applying dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) and speech masking technology to prevent agents from seeing or hearing customers’ payment card details. Customers enter their payment information using their telephone keypad, or speak them at the point of payment.

It integrates with call flow and intercepts keypad tones – or speech if speech recognition is used – from the customer at the point of payment. Agents see a series of asterisks appearing on screen or hear a sequence of bleeps as the payment card details are provided, so are able to monitor the process. It allows agents and customers to remain in conversation, meaning Bensons For Beds’ team of 100 agents is able to provide assistance at any stage of the process, so a seamless transaction takes place.

Continues Laurence Hendy: “Our aim is to provide a strong omnichannel customer service, as such  we undertook a review of our customer support software to ensure the contact center is future-proofed. It is important for us to not only support telephone enquiries but also live chat, email and social media, so we can respond to customers via their preferred channel. We therefore took the decision to upgrade our contact center platform to Freshdesk from Freshworks.”

This upgrade would provide Bensons For Beds with a cloud-based customer support platform to enable the team to interact with customers via their preferred communication method.


Laurence Hendy: “Having decided to change our CX technology vendor, we wanted to remain with PCI Pal for our payment security; we have a great relationship with the team and with its wide network of partnerships and integrations, we knew we wouldn’t have to worry about compliance when selecting our new contact center infrastructure partner. Having selected Freshworks, I contacted PCI Pal to get the ball rolling on our integration project, to bring the two together.”

PCI Pal worked with Bensons for Beds’ payment gateway CyberSource via Worldpay and Freshworks to ensure the payment security solution was seamlessly integrated into the customer journey.

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