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Enhancing the customer and agent experience with frictionless, secure payments

How we help businesses to remove friction and streamline the customer and agent experience of secure payments. 

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Making every payment effortless

Your customers now place the service they receive ahead of price and product when making purchasing decisions. You have focused on delivering the best possible experience and this seamless journey needs to include the payment process. Your focus should be to:

Instill trust 

Demonstrating you take security seriously and are following best practice to protect customer payment details.

Remove friction 

By ensuring the payment process is seamless and intuitive for customers to follow and complete.

Effortless for agents

Reducing complexity for your customer-facing teams and providing them with a simplified process to follow.

Channel choice

Customers have an effective way to make payments over the channel of their choice, by phone, chat, SMS, email or IVR self-service.

Payment choice

Customers are able to use the payment method they prefer whether that be a card, an eWallet, pay-by-bank or buy-now-pay-later.

Seamless interaction 

By ensuring that your team is able to continue to interact with the customer and guide them through every step of the payment process.

Guiding the customer through the payment process

Great customer experience is where the agent is able to guide the customer through the payment process, to continue their conversation and ensure transactions effortlessly and successfully complete.

We do this by making payments a seamless part of the interaction.  We enable agents to continue to interact with the customer while ensuring that payment information is securely captured and isolated from the agent. Every step of the process can be followed by your agent and if issues arise, they can help the customer through these, delivering a great customer experience.

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Taking payments through customers’ preferred channels

Today different customers prefer different channels even when it comes to making a payment; to deliver the best experience you need to cater for these preferences.

We support you in securing payments over voice, digital and IVR self-service channels and for each, ensure a consistent and seamless experience. We allow you to take payments over the phone by utilizing masked DTMF tones or speech recognition. Over digital channels such as chat or email, by utilizing secure digital links, and we fully support IVR for self-service. Regardless of channel, we streamline the process and enable your customer-facing teams to guide the customer through the process.

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Intuitive payment process for agents

You want to deliver a secure and seamless payment experience for your customers, but you also need this to be intuitive and effortless for your agents and customer-facing teams.

We do this by ensuring the payment process is a seamless part of your agent environment. They simply flow into the payment part of the interaction, can intuitively follow each step, and allow them to focus on what they do best, interact and guide the customer.

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

We have seen the customer experience improve, revenue is being protected through reduced call abandonment, and it removes potential agent error when processing payment transactions. First and foremost, we don’t have to store any customer payment card data in our environment. It completely eliminates this risk, which was a critical requirement.

Jeff Stoddard, VP of Information Technology, NFP Health

The customer and agent experience 

value delivered by PCI Pal 

Increased customer satisfaction

By ensuring that the payment process delivers the best possible customer experience each and every transaction. 

More completed transactions

Guiding the customer seamlessly through the payment process to ensure that more transactions achieve positive outcomes. 

Greater customer loyalty

Making it easy and frictionless for customers to engage with you and driving greater experiences and loyalty. 

Increase productivity

By providing customer-facing teams with a streamlined and effective process that reduces call duration and increases first call resolutions. 

Improve agent retention

By providing them the tools to be effective, streamlining processes and ensuring greater work satisfaction. 

Increase efficiency

By enabling secure payments to be taken across every channel of interaction, driving a faster move to digital channels. 

Transform your payment experience today

Want to transform your customer payment experience and deliver an intuitive solution to your contact center agents and customer facing teams? – Let’s discuss.

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