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Enabling customer-facing teams to take secure & compliant payments

Our solutions enable your customer-facing teams to take customer payments in an effortless, secure and fully PCI DSS compliant way.

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Securing payments across your whole organization

You are likely to have various teams across your organization who are required to take payments from customers ranging from customer and field service through to your finance and accounts functions. You should be looking for a solution that simplifies the payment process and ensures it is both secure and PCI compliant.  


By providing all of your customer-facing teams with a way to securely take customer payments when required. 

Improve customer

By ensuring that making a payment is an effortless and frictionless process guided by your team. 

Expand payment

By providing customers with options to pay over the phone, via a digital link or through a self-service IVR facility. 

Support all
payment options

Enabling more choice for your customers with options to pay by card, by eWallet or to leverage pay by bank. 


By ensuring customers recognize you take security seriously and have a secure payment solution in place. 


By ensuring that no payment information is captured or held in your systems but kept in a fully PCI DSS compliant solution. 

Taking payment during the customer interaction

There will be multiple interactions across your organization where payment needs to be taken, a call into your customer service team, an onsite field engineer, or your accounts receivable team chasing payment.

Our secure payment solution enables you to equip all of these teams to quickly and effectively take a secure payment from your customers. We support payments being taken over the phone in a fully PCI DSS compliant manner, for secure digital links to be provided to customers for payment, or for you to support your team with an IVR-based self-service option.

Securing every customer payment

Your customers expect you to protect their payment information and that you have a secure and compliant payment process in place. 

We help you to quickly implement one solution that you can then deploy company wide. By ensuring that no payment information is captured or held in your systems, we descope your PCI DSS compliance requirements – you take advantage of our solution that is secure by design and fully PCI DSS compliant. 

Easy to deploy, intuitive to use

The last thing you want is a complex IT project to enable your customer-facing teams to take payments in a secure and compliant manner. 

With PCI Pal you gain the benefit of a true SaaS solution that resides in the cloud and requires little to no effort from your IT team to deploy. What is more, our solution is intuitive to use, enabling your customer-facing teams to quickly familiarize themselves in how they can take effortless payments from customers. 

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We are proud to have
many happy customers:

After meeting with PCI Pal, it was clear that using their Dual Tone Multi Frequency masking technology would create a seamless and safe experience for our customers, plus enable our team to continue to resolve requests without interruption.

Ashmita Bhimji, Secret Escape

The instant value you gain 

from PCI Pal

Enable instant payments

Rather than customer payments being a separate process, it can now be a seamless part of the initial customer engagement. 

Secure & compliant

Instilling trust with your customers that you are taking payments in a highly secure and fully PCI DSS compliant manner. 

Wider payment options

Providing your customers with choice – to pay by card, by eWallet or by bank in a fast and seamless way. 

More completed transactions

By enabling your customer-facing teams to guide the customer through the payment process through to successful completion. 

Accelerated time to value

Through a solution that is quick to deploy and even quicker to be adopted by your users in order to deliver value. 

Future-fit agility

With a SaaS-based solution that can scale across your entire organization and adapt to changing customer preferences.  

Equip your team to take secure payments

If you are looking to equip your customer-facing teams with a way to take secure and compliant payments from your customers, let’s talk.

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