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Our market-leading, patented technology

Helping our clients to take secure customer payments through market-leading, patented technology.

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Securing payments with best in class technology

Our patented technology enables us to empower organizations to take payments from their customers securely, adhere to strict industry governance, and remove their business from the significant risks posed by non-compliance and data loss.

PCI Pal was the first in our market to build and launch a true-cloud, globally-available, secure payment platform and our innovative approach has allowed us to be granted patents to cover the key processes of our cloud services.

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Processing sensitive information over VoIP

At the heart of our secure payment solution is patented innovation that enables us to interact with contact centre phone calls in a non-invasive, light-touch manner, providing a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

This approach is key to PCI Pal’s success in being chosen as a preferred solution provider to the world’s leading contact center and CCaaS providers and is a major competitive differentiator over other vendors in the PCI DSS compliance market.

Secure data collection server

Our patented innovation enables contact centre agents to use a web link to reroute an incoming PSTN call back at the exchange, diverting it through our cloud secure data collection server and reconnecting it back to the agent seamlessly so they can take a secure payment.

Our system ensures an agent is kept on hold whilst a call is disconnected and reconnected after they divert through our secure PCI DSS compliant servers.

True SaaS cloud platform

All of PCI Pal solutions have been developed for the cloud and as such, are true SaaS-based solutions. This enables our clients to accept secure payments from anywhere in the world and support both local and remote agents.

Our unique architecture is built for the future, enabling our clients to scale both in terms of capacity and capability. It also enables us to continually innovate our solution, embracing new interaction channels, platforms and methods payments. This ensures we meet your needs today while providing you a future-fit solution.

PCI Pal’s tools are known as the Number One in the industry. It was exactly the solution we needed for the problem we had and they’ve delivered something absolutely spectacular.

Alex Denley, Head of IT, KidZania

Understand more about our unique technology

If you would like to understand more about our unique innovation and our proven cloud platform, then simply reach out and we will connect you with our technical team.

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