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Golden Nugget Case Study

Golden Nugget was having difficulty hiring new staff due to the repercussions of the COVID pandemic. Needing to keep up with demand, and with the busy summer season rapidly approaching, the organisation decided to find a way of handling calls and process PCI compliant payments without a live agent.  

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Using Conversational AI to improve payment experience  

How Golden Nugget deployed a PCI Compliant customer-led Voice Assistant 

Golden Nugget is a chain of luxury hotels and casinos owned by Landry’s Inc. Operating five resorts in the United States. 

The Challenge 

Golden Nugget was struggling to hire new staff due to the repercussions of the COVID pandemic but needed to keep up with demand. 

With the busy summer season rapidly approaching, the call center was tasked with taking on additional calls. Brian Jeppsen, Director of Contact Center Operations at Landry’s, Inc., knew he was going to need help. 

Brian commented “I realized I wasn’t able to hire the people I needed. I had to find a way of handling calls and taking payments in a PCI compliant way, without a live agent.” 

Already familiar with automation technologies, Brian decided to explore how voice AI could help. 

The Solution  

Brian chose PolyAI, a provider of enterprise voice assistants, to deploy a customer-led Voice Assistant that met Golden Nugget’s needs. 

PolyAI partnered with PCI Pal to integrate a secure payment option into Golden Nugget’s new PolyAI Customer-led Voice Assistant. 

The Voice Assistant needed to: 

  • Take PCI compliant payments  
  • Differentiate between 80 possible intents  
  • Route calls to over 120 individual employees 
  • Handle calls without agent intervention  
  • Reduce call handling time  
  • Take partial reservations  
  • Deliver a great, secure payment experience 

Ultimately, Brian knew that the solution needed to deliver a payment experience customers could trust. However, he didn’t want a customer-led Voice Assistant that sounded robotic; he wanted a warm, friendly experience in line with the Golden Nugget brand. 

The Results  

By integrating PCI Pal with their Customer-led Voice Assistants, PolyAI now offer customers the ability to create a seamless, secure, intelligent payment experience within AI-powered conversations. 

The PCI Pal solution protects both Golden Nugget and PolyAI, providing a seamless and frictionless experience for Golden Nugget’s customers across all channels that is secure and leads to higher conversion rates. 

What’s more, PCI Pal’s IVR Mean Opinion Score is 4.5 – the highest quality second to a live agent.  

Satisfying Golden Nugget’s requirement for a customer-led Voice Assistant that delivers a great and secure payment experience without agent intervention. 

  • 150 successful Customer-led Voice Assistant payments per day  
  • 30% decrease in agent utilization  
  • Reduce reservation handling time by 45 seconds 
  • Superhuman customer experience