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Leisure – AvalonBay

AvalonBay is a large real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Although AvalonBay is headquartered in Arlington, VA, their shared services centre/contact centre is located in Virginia Beach, VA. It is there that between 200 and 250 associates are based to handle customer interactions and enquiries. Around 20 percent of payments are transacted over the phone.


Having researched the market, they chose to partner with PCI Pal.


“From an agent and manager point of view, the feedback I receive is very positive. Using the system has reduced the overall call time, as there are fewer steps in the process
for our agents to take when handling transactions. This makes the whole call go more quickly”


Download the full success story below to find out more about how PCI Pal supports Avalon Bay using PCI compliant payment solutions.

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