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Enhancing contact center payment security and compliance for Secret Escapes

Discover how Secret Escapes, the world’s leading members-only online travel deals company enhanced contact center payment security, compliance and experience with PCI Pal Agent Assist.

The Compliance Challenge

Secret Escapes works with thousands of luxury hotel partners and suppliers to bring its 60 million global members great travel deals. The company prides itself on providing a personalized experience to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

As an established company processing phone payments via its dedicated frontline customer support team, Secret Escapes recognizes the need to comply with payment card industry standards and regulations.

The Solution

As achieving compliance was crucial for maintaining customer trust and protecting payment card information, the team sought a partner that could seamlessly integrate payment handling and compliance with the existing contact center technology.

According to Ashmita Bhimji, Global Director of Customer Services and Travel Administration at Secret Escapes “After meeting with PCI Pal, it was clear that using their Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) masking technology would create a seamless and safe experience for our customers, plus enable our team to continue to resolve requests without interruption.

Before PCI Pal, we never recorded telephone calls as we didn’t want to inadvertently capture our customers’ payment information, despite there being significant advantages in being able to access recordings for training or monitoring needs.”

The technology team at Secret Escapes was impressed with the simplicity of the Agent Assist integration. They liked how it would work seamlessly with their existing contact center technology, such was the benefit of working with Vonage, an integrated partner of PCI Pal. The solution also included customization options and fully integrates with Secret Escapes’ online booking system.

The Benefits

  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
  • Customer peace of mind
  • Cloud-based and scalable 
  • Increased payment conversion rates
  • Reduced pressure on agents 
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Remote agents can process payments securely

The Results

The implementation of Agent Assist via Vonage has provided Secret Escapes with enhanced security in compliance with industry standards, improved efficiency, elevated the protection of sensitive payment data and increased customer trust – ultimately delivering peace of mind to all parties.

Read the Full Success Story

Ready to dive into the details? Download the full case study to learn how PCI Pal revolutionized Secret Escapes’ contact center payment process while enhancing their customer experience. Discover how our cutting-edge technology ensures secure and compliant transactions, safeguarding both the business and its customers.


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