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Maximizing Logistical Excellence and Efficiency by Minimizing Lost Time

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Time is money. It’s an age-old mantra. And it’s perhaps felt nowhere stronger than in the logistics industry. 

With an increasing global economy, more products must be moved around the world daily. Add to this new bottlenecks from COVID-19, an already overstretched infrastructure, and heightened consumer expectations.

The resulting picture is brutally honest: companies cannot afford to waste time in any part of the supply-chain process. Nor can they afford for business operations to be less than immaculate. 

While heightened demand and changes in the global economy are adding pressure to the logistics industry, new technology is enabling companies to save time and enhance data security.  

How PCI Pal Saves Time for Players in the Logistics Industry 

PCI Pal’s cloud-based compliance solutions save time behind the scenes within the contact center.  We eliminate responsibility on behalf of your organization by taking cardholder payment data directly to the payment provider without ever letting it enter your organization’s environment. This ensures your customers’ sensitive data remains secure and is removed from the scope of PCI DSS.

Further, our solutions are globally accessible. This means logistics companies’ entire collection of contact centers can utilize our offerings as they “follow the sun” in the 24-hour economy. Customer and payment processes remain in the relevant territory and adhere to corresponding payment processing and data sovereignty rules.

In addition to eliminating responsibility and being widely accessible, PCI Pal’s solutions optimize the time used in customer interactions. In other Cardholder Not Present (CNP) scenarios, cardholders have to disconnect from the contact center agent when time to pay. If anything goes wrong from there, the cardholder must re-contact the contact center. Often, in the second round of contact, a new contact center agent is on the phone. The payment process must start again from the beginning, and both the company and customer lose time.

With PCI Pal, the cardholder and agent stay connected the entire time. This ensures no need to re-connect, saving time and enhancing the customer experience. 

Not only do PCI Pal’s offerings facilitate the payment process, but they also ensure that there is no sensitive data to be stolen in case of an attempted breach. According to IBM, it takes 280 days to identify and contain a data breach. For an industry that never stops, that lost time, money, and customer trust can produce irreparable harm. 

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Beyond the immediate and proactive support, working with PCI Pal reduces future time spent on PCI DSS assessments. We transfer the majority of PCI DSS responsibility onto our PCI DSS Level 1 certified solution so when assessment time comes, your company can sit back knowing we’ve got it under control. 

Accelerating the Flow of Goods 

Prior to this year, minimizing lost time was straightforward in the logistics industry. Companies with a steady means for collecting and analyzing data could look at past human behavior and forecast what to do in the months and years ahead. 

However, with the onset of COVID-19, data for forecasting is not as dependable as it once was. People are living much different lives today than they were one year ago. Human behavior is no longer so predictable. The result is that the flow of goods is slowing down. 

Working with PCI Pal frees up time and responsibility in the supply chain so your logistics team can allocate resources to address the issues that need attention. Rather than spending time on compliance hoops, contact center agents can focus on the partner, vendor and customer experience. Big picture, that means transporting more items to where they need to go in a timely and effective manner. 

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