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Insider Threats and Scares

Internal Threats Graphic

This Halloween, take the time to ensure your contact center isn’t haunted by spooky insider threats. In this infographic, learn how to eliminate any skeletons you have lurking throughout your organization. Full of data from Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Reports, dive deeper into the threats, both malicious and negligent, that pose a risk to your customers’ data security. In this infographic we’ll explore:

  • How to combat strategic hackers
  • Preventing the mismanagement and handling of data
  • Training against negligence
  • Third-party risks
  • Passive and outdated security practices

Descoping your contact center, and ensuring that sensitive data never enters your environment is continuing to become best practice across the globe. As consumers expect greater data security from organizations, you can improve both the security and customer experience with the right processes in place, eliminating both external and insider threats. Allow the PCI Pal team to show you how.

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