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CXS 2022

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Customer Experience Strategies Summit! Propel your concepts into action to accelerate your CX successes. Join PCI Pal in the Expo Hall, and for our live session at CXS in Toronto! Go ahead and book your meeting today for dedicated time with the PCI Pal team onsite, or virtually!

  • Explore the latest CX trends from customer acquisition to customer retention.
  • Identify key elements for fast-tracking CX digitalization to re-engage customers for live events.
  • Discover how the visionaries behind the most iconic brands stay ahead of the curve to maximize ROI and drive customer engagement.
  • Update your regulatory understanding and ensure you are compliant in all data protection and ownership activities.
  • Leverage the undeniable link between the CXO and CFO to realize the value of investing in customer experience initiatives.
  • Network in a safe environment with comprehensive COVID screening and protocols in place.

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