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Making phone-based payments easy and secure

We enable all businesses to take secure and frictionless payments in their contact centers, and to step confidently into a more digitally diverse future.

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Agent-assisted payments

During your conversations with customers there is a need to take payments. You want this to be a seamless part of the customer experience, effortless for all parties and both secure and compliant.

Effortless for customers

With the agent guiding them through every step of the process, removing friction and avoiding frustration.

Intuitive for agents

Through simple steps that streamlines the process and enables them to focus on the customer.

One-step process

With ability to gain real-time authorization, maximizing completions and avoiding call backs.

Secure & trusted

Providing both agents and customers with confidence that each and every transaction is secure.

Enable flexibility

Through a single solution that supports a multitude of payment options delivering flexibility and choice.

Simplifying compliance

By keeping payment data out of the contact center and descoping the need for compliance.

Enabling customers to key to pay

When it’s time to pay we don’t break the conversation; the agent simply requests the customer to enter their payment details using the keypad of their phone.

We keep the transaction secure; the agent neither sees, nor hears any of the payment details. They just track the progress of each step and can guide the customer through to completion and if an issue occurs, then agents can simply navigate the customer through an alternative payment option.

Enabling customers to speak to pay

Some customers prefer to speak their payment details rather than enter these into their keypad and we fully support this too.

By utilizing natural language speech recognition, we can translate spoken digits into the relevant payment details for processing. We are able to mask these details from the agent, but enable them to follow every step of the process and guide the customer through to completion.


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Countries where PCI Pal is supporting payments

We’ve fundamentally changed the way we’re handling our customer interactions. We have a new way of taking calls which is integrated with our Salesforce system and connects payments, billed interactions and customer contact in one place. It’s much more user- friendly and suits the way our customers want to provide the information to us - it’s a far better experience for our customers.

John Woodward, Head of Service Support, Ecotricity

Where agent assisted payments made a difference

The unique value of working with PCI Pal

More completed transactions

By taking the payment as part of the first interaction and having the agent support the customer through the process, this results in far more payments being successfully completed.

Reduced handle time

By simplifying and streamlining the process, average handle-time is reduced and avoids the need for subsequent/repeat calls.

Improved customer experience

Customers want things to be fast and easy; by removing friction from the payment process, helping them through the steps, you improve the experience and drive greater retention.

Improved agent experience

By taking the pressure off agents to collect and enter card details, you allow them to focus on delivering the best experience; this makes their role far more rewarding.

Secure & compliant

By using a platform that is PCI DSS compliant and ensuring that no card payment details are captured or held in your systems.

Reduce transaction cost

By enabling you to leverage the payment options that reduce per transaction costs and increases conversions.

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