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Secure Payments For Amazon Connect

Descope your contact centre payments from the requirements of the PCI DSS.

A PCI compliant solution for agents on live calls

Agent Assist utilises DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) masking technology, as well as Speech Recognition, to provide companies with a secure way of handling payments by phone.

Served entirely from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Agent Assist for Amazon Connect completely descopes your contact centre environment, including agents, from the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Installed directly from Amazon Connect Marketplace with one click, automatically creating the required AWS support services within your account.

Visit the AWS Marketplace to begin securing your payments.

AWS Marketplace

How it works


1. Customer wishes to pay

When a payment is required, the agent requests a connection to the PCI Pal platform using the pre-configured Quick Connect within the Amazon Connect softphone.  This action secures the call.  Once secure the PCI Pal application is opened and the agent asks the customer to enter their numeric card details using the telephone keypad, or by speaking them should they wish, or are unable to use their telephone keypad. Asterisks are displayed with a counter showing the number of digits entered, so the agent can follow the transaction, and support throughout.

2. Card data does not reach the contact center

PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution captures the details, but blocks them from reaching both the agent and your environment. The customer’s voice is allowed through in the event they need to communicate with the agent.  The customer and Agent can converse in real time, allowing the customer to be guided through the payment process unlike with IVR based solutions.  The flexible PCI Pal Web Services API allows for the Amazon Connect IVR flows to maintain self-service capability but utilize PCI Pal for the sensitive card data collection.  This allows Amazon Connect users to continue to own their core self-service flows without the risks around PCI compliance when automated payments are required.

3. Payment is processed by your payment provider

The agent hits the “process card” button, which instructs PCI Pal to send the transaction to the payment provider. No cardholder data enters your environment, so from a PCI DSS perspective, your area of scope is vastly reduced.

Key benefits

PCI Pal Agent Assist for Amazon Connect secures your business communications while ensuring PCI DSS compliance:

  • Available globally
  • Descopes the agent environment unlike conference-based solutions
  • Safe and scalable – calls only connect with PCI Pal when a card payment is required
  • Integrates with all payment providers
  • Carrier, phone system, & CRM agnostic
  • Reduce AHT (Average Handling Time)
  • Reduce pressure on Agents
  • Increase payment success

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