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Digital Payments

Secure multi-payment methods with digital payments for contact centres

A seamless digital payment journey for both agent and customer.

PCI Pal Digital Payments makes secure omnichannel payments possible for contact centres.

Merchants can take payments seamlessly with full visibility across multiple engagement channels, with flexible digital payment options to suit any customer.

What makes the solution stand out is no matter what channel the payment link is sent through or which method the customer chooses to pay by, the contact centre agent can follow any customer payment journey in real-time.

Ensuring no drop off, and assisting the customer if needed, meaning a great customer and agent experience all around.

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Multi-payment checkout methods


A default PCI compliant payment method. Agents and consumers stay in touch throughout a call, maximizing conversion and providing an excellent payment experience.

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Digital Wallets

A quick, simple and secure method for instant hassle free mobile payment.

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The most secure and cost-effective account-to-account (A2A) payment method for merchants and customers using Open Banking technology.


Buy Now Pay Later

A revolution for contact centre payments, perfect for merchants to capture a new audience.

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merchant benefits of digital payments

PCI Pal’s cloud solutions secure your business communications while ensuring PCI DSS compliance and your customers’ data is safe.

  • Reduce the cost of taking payments
  • Increase phone and digital conversion
  • Minimise fraud
  • Eliminate chargebacks
  • Meet customer demand

CUSTOMER benefits of digital payments

  • Flexible payment choice
  • Instant refunds
  • Secure & trusted
  • Familiar e-commerce style checkout


Omnichannel payment processing with PCI Pal offers a consistent customer experience across all payment methods and channels. Offering customers flexibility in terms of when and how they interact with your business is paramount to their experience with your brand. A smooth, secure checkout process whether online, over the phone or through any digital engagement channel can increase sales and conversion rates. According to a recent survey, 44% of UK shoppers would stop a purchase if their preferred payment method wasn’t available. So, meet your customers where it makes the most sense to them with digital payments for contact centres.

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