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Preparing for the ADPPA

This infographic examines the “what, who, and how” behind preparing for the ADPPA (American Data Privacy & Protection Act). Potentially being the first national standard for data practices in the US, ADPPA could bring along with it data requirements that need to be adhered to for compliance. As many organizations are already underway ensuring they meet the security requirements from PCI DSS 4.0, now is the best time to evaluate how your organization handles consumer data as a whole and prioritize data security.

In this infographic we cover:

  • What is the ADPPA?
  • Who does the ADPPA apply to?
  • What are the ADPPA’s main objectives?
  • Proactive steps to prepare for ADPPA

Security and customer experience don’t have to battle each other on the priority list. They can go hand-in-hand with the right solution, and descoping your contact center from any sensitive customer data is the industry-recommended first step in that process. Connect with our team today to see how you can equip your contact center with the right solutions. In addition to this infographic, you can dive deeper into the ADPPA topic in our blog post preparing organizations for ADPPA.

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