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Patented & Protected

We’re proud of our global cloud, secure patented payment solutions for business communications.

Our patented technology enables us to empower companies to take payments from their customers securely, adhere to strict industry governance, and remove their business from the significant risks posed by non-compliance and data loss.

Our products secure payments in any business communication channel including voice, chat, social, SMS, email, or an omnichannel contact centre environment.

PCI Pal was the first in our market to build and launch a true-cloud, globally available, secure payment platform and our innovative approach has allowed us to be granted patents to cover the key processes of our cloud services. Moreover, we have patents pending worldwide as we continue to strive with market innovation.

Processing Sensitive Information Over VoIP

The patent protects PCI Pal’s core innovation that enables our Agent Assist product to interact with contact centre phone calls in a non-invasive, light-touch manner for our customers, saving them IT and overhead costs. This approach is key to PCI Pal’s success in being chosen as a preferred solution provider to more than two-thirds of the CCaaS1 Gartner Magic Quadrant and is a major competitive differentiator over other vendors in the PCI DSS compliance market.

Patent No.
Grant Date
United States Granted 11, 310, 291 19th April 2022
United Kingdom  Granted  2569772 18th January 2023
Australia Granted 2018349164 4th November 2022
New Zealand  Granted  762496 28th February 2023
Canada Granted 3,078,867 12th December 2023

Processing Sensitive Information by a Contact Centre

The patent granted details how contact centre agents can use a web link to reroute an incoming PSTN call back at the exchange, diverting it through our cloud secure data collection server and reconnecting it back to the agent seamlessly so they can take a secure payment. Our system ensures an agent is kept on hold whilst a call is disconnected and reconnected after they divert through our secure servers.

Patent No.
Grant Date
United States Granted 10, 855, 845 1st December 2020
Europe Granted 3430793 29th April 2020
Australia  Granted 2017235798 17th June 2021
Canada Granted 3,017,467 3rd January 2023
Singapore Granted 11201807895S B 23rd December 2022


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Our success stories

Some of the world’s most recognizable organizations choose PCI Pal to secure their payments and protect their reputations.

Our other technology

Explore the other technologies we utilize to secure your business communications and assist you in adhering to strict industry governance.

Computer operator
DTMF Masking

PCI Pal Agent Assist and IVR Payments use DTMF masking technology to suppress the telephone keypad tones entered by a customer during a financial transaction.

Digital Engagement

Secure payments via digital engagement channels such as Webchat, Whatsapp, SMS, Social Media and Email.

Conversational AI Payments
Conversational AI Payments

Seamless, Secure and Intelligent Payment Solutions

Speech Recognition
Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology is a feature of our Agent Assist and IVR Payments solutions, allowing customers to speak their details in a secure way.

global cloud technology
Global Cloud

The entirety of PCI Pal’s product-base is available from our global cloud platform hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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