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IVR Payments

PCI Pal IVR & IVA Payments enable your customers to securely make payments 24/7 without the need for a live agent. Fully integratable with your existing IVR or IVA solution.

With the ever-growing demand for omnichannel payments, customers increasingly expect businesses to provide multiple payment and engagement options.

PCI Pal’s IVR (interactive voice recognition) & IVA (intelligent virtual assistant/agent) Payments integration solutions empower your customers to make payments 24/7 without speaking with a live agent. Payments are handled within PCI Pal’s secure cloud and integrate with your existing IVR or IVA solution. This solution is available globally from within the PCI Pal platform that provides our Agent Assist and Digital secure payment products, so can be integrated to take payments securely from customers through any channel.

While IVR and IVA both have roles in customer interaction, IVAs can interact through voice or text and is a more advanced and sophisticated system capable of learning and adapting, while an IVR operates based on pre-set commands and choices with dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed.


Integrated with your existing IVR or IVA service

Your IVR or IVA system carries out identification and verification (ID&V) and pass the call to PCI Pal when a payment is required. PCI Pal will interact with your IVR or IVA service to reconcile all transaction data.

Card Data does not reach your environment

PCI Pal's IVR & IVA solutions capture the details and block them from reaching your infrastructure, so from a PCI DSS perspective your area of scope is vastly reduced.

Payments collected using DTMF/keypad tones

Once we’ve captured the card data, using DTMF-Masking technology or via speech recognition, we process the transaction via an integration with your payment provider. PCI Pal reconciles the result back to your environment, allowing you to complete any actions and retain a record of all transactions.

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Key benefits

PCI Pal’s cloud solutions secure your business communications, while ensuring PCI DSS compliance is met and your customers’ data is safe.

  • Customer peace of mind
  • Safe and scalable
  • Integrates with your existing IVR or IVA solution
  • Fully automated with voice or chatbots
  • Multiple languages supported
  • DTMF Masking & speech recognition supported
  • Reduce the scope of PCI DSS – increase payment success

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Secure your customers’ payments using our cloud-based solutions.

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Our partners and integrations

We are integrated to, and resold by, some of the world's leading business communications vendors, as well as major payment service providers, telecommunications companies, and CRM providers.  Don’t see your provider?  We're happy to look at additional integrations to ensure your PCI Compliance journey is as seamless as possible.

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