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PCI Pal Extends Patent Portfolio in US and Australia for Processing Sensitive Information over VoIP

PCI Pal Extends Patent Portfolio

August 10, 2022 — PCI Pal® (LON: PCIP), the global cloud provider of secure payment solutions, has been granted further patents in both the United States and Australia for its secure payments technology.

These patents cover the unique ways by which PCI Pal services can be integrated seamlessly into third-party environments, providing both its partners and customers with non-invasive, low-risk methods to facilitate access to its secure cloud services.

PCI Pal was the first in its market to build and launch a true-cloud, globally-available secure payment platform for the business communications market. The core technology protected by these patents has been available to PCI Pal customers and partners for a number of years, allowing them to benefit from its light-touch, easy-to-use cloud integration methods.

“We’re delighted to further expand our patent portfolio recognizing the innovative and novel ways that we enable cost-effective and low-risk access to our secure payment solutions,” said James Barham, CEO of PCI Pal. “We’ve been a disruptive force in our specialized market for contact centres, where merchants have been historically burdened by legacy hardware or hosted technologies. Having created the largest partner community in our space, which includes many of the world’s leading UCaaS and CCaaS vendors, this expansion of our portfolio provides protection for the innovation we brought to the market a number of years ago.”

The patents specifically cover the way that PCI Pal is able to manipulate the signaling and voice stream of phone calls, allowing PCI Pal to take a non-invasive approach to its handling of data during a call within its Agent Assist and IVR solutions. PCI Pal gathers sensitive information from consumers either through keypad tones (DTMF) or speech recognition and is able to seamlessly send this information to the merchants’ payment service provider (PSP) removing their contact centre from the full scope of PCI DSS compliance. These solutions problem-solve only for calls where sensitive data is to be captured, usually payment data, meaning there is no requirement for all calls to transit the services. The approach also caters to DTMF bleed or tone leakage, which can be an issue for some other solutions in the market, ensuring that all parts of the call are free of sensitive data at all times.

Today, these patented methods make up the vast majority of all PCI Pal deployments worldwide.  PCI Pal has a fast-growing customer-base which now exceeds 500 merchants, the majority of which are managed through our partners. PCI Pal was recently ranked as the 56th fastest growing company in the UK and has offices across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


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