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PCI Pal® announces new global partnership with VoiceFoundry, a TTEC Digital Company.

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PCI Pal, (LON:PCIP) – the global provider of cloud-based secure payment solutions – today announced a partnership with Customer Experience as a Service specialist and Amazon Connect expert, VoiceFoundry – a TTEC Digital company.  The partnership with VoiceFoundry will also provide TTEC Group companies with access to PCI Pal services.

VoiceFoundry specialises in the comprehensive design and delivery of Amazon Connect, a cloud-based enterprise contact centre solution used by enterprises around the world. It is uniquely focused on helping businesses improve customer engagement and the contact centre experience through customized solutions that empower businesses to deliver intelligent and dynamic customer experiences across all channels by leveraging Amazon Connect

With PCI Pal being one of the first secure payment providers available in Amazon Connect, the partnership enables VoiceFoundry to offer customers additional options for payment security and compliance, as part of its contact centre offer.

Darren Gill, CRO, PCI Pal said, “We are delighted to announce VoiceFoundry as a global PCI Pal partner; there is great synergy between the two organisations. As an industry leader in deploying Amazon Connect and other AWS services, VoiceFoundry will be able to integrate the PCI Pal secure payment solutions to help enterprises improve customer engagement and comply with PCI DSS rules, while maximising the benefits of AWS.”

Dan Bloy, Executive Director at VoiceFoundry, said, “We are passionate about customer experience and, with a deep legacy of over 40 years in the contact centre environment, we have the expertise to help organisations successfully navigate the key technologies needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This includes PCI Pal’s multi-award winning suite of secure omnichannel payment solutions.”

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